Thursday, March 29, 2007

Living With The Living 

Ted Leo made me fall in love w/ rock-n-roll again. He opened his tour last night at the TLA & burned down the room! If you're in DC tonight or Carrboro, NC tomorrow, don't miss this show! Leo & the guitar gang launch into a precise fury, playing every song as if it's going to be the one that changes the world. Joe Strummer's not quite dead- he's being channeled by an East Orange vegan.

The new Ted Leo & the Pharmacists cd Living With The Living was released last week. You'll want to check it out.

- Frank Sherlock

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

get out the vote... 

All :

My friend Haile Johnston is on the ballot for 5th District City Council primary coming up on May 15. Haile is a great guy with a huge heart and boundless energy who genuinely believes in Philly's potential & in the importance of our communities. After graduating from UPenn's Wharton School, Haile (a native of Philadelphia who grew up in Germantown) and his wife Tatiana (also a Wharton grad, native of Guatemala), chose to STAY here in Philly & channel their passion, creativity, & considerable smarts as agents of positive change.

A resident of Strawberry Mansion, Haile founded the East Park Revitalization Alliance (EPRA), a non-profit, with his wife Tatiana. They have planted over 300 trees, built community gardens, created jobs for local residents, engaged neighborhood kids in positive community building activies through after school and summer programming, and continue to manage over 13 acres of vacant land.

Haile also worked for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to enhance nutrition and recreation programs in order to combat childhood obesity and to ban trans fats from Philadelphia restaurants. His concern for the health of his community, especially kids, led him to initiate programs to improve access and awareness of Fairmount Park facilities and the development and promotion of organized activities.

You can read lots more about him here:


For those of you who live in his district, please take a minute to check out Halie's website and consider giving him your support on May 15.

& whatever you do, vote, vote, vote...

jenn mcc.

Monday, March 26, 2007

hey yall-- 

Conrad here, very excited to be reading with Elmslie THE LEGEND!

Friday, March 23, 2007


I want to extend my deep thanks to everyone who showed their love & support on Sunday, as well as the past few months. I have learned a lot recently that I wouldn’t have chosen to if I had the option. But it was worth one great lesson- that the idea of a poetry community is not just a concept or theory, but a vital, living thing. Through the years, this community gave me many friendships, amazing poems & sometimes a hard time. This year, I was shown such overwhelming solidarity. Even during the most dangerous times, I knew this community was standing with me in spirit or in person by my hospital bed. You gave me love, & probably life. I’ll never forget that. I hope I can show you that love back someday somehow.

I’m trying to get back to living again, so I limped to a double-header reading tonight- Julia Bloch & Dodie Bellamy at Kelly Writers House, then Bhanu Kapil at TUCC. And all three writers were AMAZING!!! It’s so good to be back in circulation & getting poetry back in my ear. I can’t say it enough, but once more for now…



Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Frank Sherlock Benefit Pix 18 March 2007 

Many thanks to all who helped make this weekend's event such a lovefest & a success to boot.

More photos may be viewed here: http://picasaweb.google.com/jmccreary.map/FrankBenefit?authkey=8h-T1vF_oG0

: jenn mcc

Monday, March 19, 2007

EOAGH Philly launch NOT TO BE MISSED! 

A Journal of the Arts, Issue 3: Queering Language

This online journal can be read
for free by clicking HERE


Saturday, March 24th, 6pm to 8pm
108 S. 13th St.

hosted by Tim Peterson & CAConrad

Readers will include:
Dodie Bellamy, Kyle Conner, CAConrad, Jim Cory, Sarah Dowling, Maria Fama, Chris Gullo, hassen, Mytili Jagannathan, Anne Kaier, Candace Kaucher, Erica Kaufman, Kevin Killian, Janet Mason, Cathleen Miller, Ashraf Osman, Tim Peterson, Stephen Potter, Sina Queyras, Nathaniel Siegel, Stacy Szymaszek, Eleanor Wilner, Christina Strong, Jason Zuzga

Dodie Bellamy will read the kari edwards editorial statement
Eleanor Wilner will read the poems by the late Almitra David
Jim Cory will read the poems by the late Karl Tierney
CAConrad will read the poems by the late Alexandra Grilikhes

EOAGH Issue 3 – Queering Language was edited by CAConrad, kari edwards, Paul Foster Johnson, Erica Kaufman, Jack Kimball, Tim Peterson, and Stacy Szymaszek.

This online publication includes the work of over 100 contributors as well as editors' statements on this project.

Issue 3 of EOAGH is dedicated to the memory of
kari edwards (1954-2006)
dear friend, mentor, colleague, crusader.

all money goes to the
kari edwards Memorial Poetry Award
Sina Queyras photograph

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Susana Gardner, the ever generous publisher of DUSIE has printed and donated a set of 3 "wee chaps" by Frank Sherlock, Edmund Berrigan and CAConrad. The set goes for $15, and can be purchased at the upcoming benefit (see previous post for benefit details).

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