Wednesday, January 17, 2007

returning FEVER POEMS 

When I say returning I'm saying HERE THEY COME AGAIN! While in Gotham Bookmart (now gone, sad) a couple years ago I came across the chapbook FEVER POEMS by Theodore Enslin. What a find! It was without a doubt the very last retail copy in the world, for a mere $1. But it's been missing for a long time.

Missing in that way that makes you a little sick with sadness whenever thinking about it. Just before the holiday season Frank and Jaime and I went to a reading where we met Joey, Nicole and Hailey. Later we were hanging out in Smokey Joe's in West Philly, talking poetry, of course, talking poetry for hours.

Today I get an e-mail from Joey saying that since meeting me he was checking out the NEGLECTORINO Project, and noticed my mention of finding Enslin's FEVER POEMS at Gotham. Joey had taken out of the library John Weiners' selected poetry, and there was a copy of FEVER POEMS in the back of the book.

There it is! It's come back to me! Only, I do believe the chapbook now belongs to Joey. But I've asked him if I can borrow it to make a photocopy.

Wow! Many, many thanks to Joey! I feel so happy! I feel like skipping all day long!
p.s. about John Weiners, I'm still very sad (and angry!) that his work was inaccessible to the Queering the Language anthology (due out soon) because his family is homophobic, and would never allow us to include his poems. WHY did neglect appointing someone to care for his literary estate? What a fucking shame!

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