Thursday, January 18, 2007


Steve from the Chapter & Verse series asked if I'd post this. Some of us are headed down to Baltimore on the 27th for the kari edwards memorial reading, but for those who won't be going, check out the information below.


hey everyone
the recordings of chapter and verse:6 are now available online. thanks to everyone who came out to support these poets and publishers. it was packed (supposedly). i don't know cause i was chilling in the vip section with ryan x.

also: the upcoming news is that Calque, a translation journal edited by Brandon Holmquest and me will be out on saturday, jan. 27 at chapter and verse:7, at 8pm, at the Chapterhouse, 620 S. 9th st.

issue one features: Nick Moudry translating Philippe Soupault from the French; Nobumasa Hiroi translating Kenji Miyazawa from the Japanese; Paul Sohar translating Sandor Kanyadi from the Hungarian, and Joshua Beckman translating Tomaz Salamun from the Slovenian.

chapter and verse:7 will feature: Nick Moudry, Laura Solomon, Paul Sohar, Nobumasa Hiroi, Brandon Holmquest, Laura Jaramillo, and Seth Pauley. and wine will be featured. in your mouth.

for more information on the reading, goto http://chapterandversereadings.blogspot.com
for more information on calque and the contributors, goto http://calquezine.blogspot.com

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