Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Okay, this is going to seem pretty weird that I'm posting about this. Maybe it just seems weird to me. There are Christian organizations in Canada that Sina Queyras told me about who are on a mission to make water at the source of your tap be drinkable, fighting the privatization of water.

Of course I'm well aware that there are many different kinds of Christians, and that I need to stop lumping them into this one big narrow blob. But my examples of Christians haven't been positive, a few have, but 90 % have NOT been! I remember pastor Smock getting up to the pulpit and preaching on the controversy of the city government making recycling mandatory. Pastor Smock thought recycling was "stupid" and HE LITERALLY SAID, "DON'T THEY KNOW JESUS IS COMING HOME!?" with that big, dumbass smile on his face. GEESH! Makes me shudder just remembering his crazy smile whenever he said "Jesus" out loud. But c'mon man, REALLY? We don't need to recycle because Jesus is coming home? Jesus hung with the Essenes, was vegetarian, cared very much about what he put into his body, WHY would he not care about pollution? The Book of Timothy has passages which are very Macrobiotic. The body of the Earth is as important as our own bodies. Anyway, I'm having an argument in my head with this pastor, and need to not bother, it's so stupid.

Here are the AMAZING links Sina sent me (these links make me happy!):


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