Sunday, December 03, 2006

kari edwards, I can't believe you're gone, how is it possible, we just saw you, and I'm listening to your amazing CD of music, wow, wow, kari, wow 

While online today I received an e-mail from Akilah Oliver that kari edwards died yesterday. And I had just been looking at kari's blog TRANSDADA, not thinking there was anything that unusual about her not posting in a few days.

I began frantically sweeping GOOGLE to find out more, which is really me HOPING Akilah had gotten the information wrong somehow. Akilah must have just gone offline as my urgent response asking WHERE,WHAT,WHO,WHEN? wasn't answered right away. But, while online with GOOGLE, finding nothing, Tim Peterson sent around an e-mail to those of us who are co-editing the QUEER ANTHOLOGY he's soon to publish on his website EAOGH. kari edwards was one of the 7 editors. The e-mail was about us doing events for the release of the anthology, and kari's name and e-mail address appeared, and that's when I burst into tears.

Thinking of that e-mail about celebrating the work we've all done together going to her e-mail inbox she will never read again just pushed me over the edge.

"as a reminder: if one is not born queer (but has some thought they're
slipping...you know what i mean). one must maintain a high order
out-of-the-closet-practices--disruption in every dress code known to...
(whoever). (on the other hand: if the opposite is true and one is born
queer...one must still by practice maintain-the-same-procedure.)"
--from "dear board of directors" by kari edwards

click for kari's blog TRANSDADA
click for kari's blog TRANSSUBMUTATION
click for kari's INTERVIEW in Rain Taxi

I know that I've said this a lot, but that reading kari did at Robin's with Brenda Iijima and Rachel DuPlessis was one of the BEST readings I've ever been to. kari read from her newest book OBEDIENCE at tiger's speed, rising up on the outer rims of her shoes, then dropping back down, over and over, the clock of her body, her voice, her passion churning out to us. Wow. It was SUCH a fantastic, generous reading!

kari was not just an incredible poet, but she was also an accomplished musician (she gave me a CD of her electronic music recently), sculptor, and, AND, a FIERCE activist for transgender rights!

The loss of kari edwards will be felt all through the arts and literary and activist communities for a long, long time.

Miss you kari, miss you so much,

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