Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I thought the name-calling had started already, at least by implication, when you said you thought I was advocating the silencing of voices.

One of my three-year-olds has been throwing up & running a fever for three days; he has not been sleeping, therefore I have not been sleeping. The bitchy comment about the rain was just that: bitchy exhaustion, something I try not to succumb to in here or elsewhere. For that, I apologize.

For everything else, not so much, including my disillusionment with the candidate I feel you were shoving down everyone's throat -- unless that's not what you meant to do when you trumpeted that Carl Romanelli was "the only sane PA vote." Again, I chose not to attack your choice, but respect your opinion while expressing my own, expecting that same respect in return. My mistake.

Hassen spoke in her earlier post -- the one to which I originally responded, which began my part in this whole mess -- that she's been trying to be mindful and postive and constructive in her actions & the way she lives her life.

Maybe that's why she understood what I was saying about Planned Parenthood, and assumed that it was my trying to be constructive and postive within a given situation, while you assumed such action must indicate an admission of guilt.

I look at the world in which we I live, at our collective current situation, & really try to find positive & realistic ways I can be constructive & impact change.

I'm sad to say that I'm feeling that posting on this blog does not fall into the above category.

jenn mcc.

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