Wednesday, November 08, 2006

time for change all 'round 

jenn, not only do i think that your post is well-stated & i agree with you whole-heartedly, but your last line sums up much of what i've been feeling about our little group blog here. because i'm increasingly interested in prioritizing my time & energy, preserving my sanity & surrounding myself with more empowering vibes (& less drama), i've been considering leaving it for awhile. after this weird volley & just tonight receiving an email calling me manipulative regarding my recent posts here, i'm further compelled to remove myself. & thanks, jenn, for not just acknowledging my feeling about constructive action, but by repeating & defending it. it's nice to feel the warmth of humanity instead of hearing sermons about it.

this is not out of anger or spite but simply what is healthier & prudent for me personally. i don't choose to maintain this level or type of engagement when i have better options for how i spend my/our precious time. after i post this, i'll remove my link in the right column, as well, as i believe it's appropriate. no hard feelings on my part, conrad. you keep givin' 'em hell. i do love your passion.

i can't say how much i appreciate every one here and everything the phillysound has done for me. it's just that i need to focus on other things for myself at the moment.


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