Sunday, November 05, 2006

Re: why i'm not voting for third party candidates (unless of course you care about women and stopping the war) 

Hi hassen. Posting a post here with a link to your blog is the same as posting here, so I'll respond here if you don't mind.

FIRST and most important, I'm not sure how you can expect anyone in Pennsylvania who cares about women to vote for Bob Casey. Just yesterday hassen you posted about women's rights, and then posted about NOT voting outside the box. In Pennsylvania the Democrat Casey is FEROCIOUSLY PRO-LIFE and NOT interested in hearing anything to do with women's rights whatsoever. We already know (unless we've been under a rock) where Santorum stands. But the Democrat AND Republican are both HOSTILE, I repeat HOSTILE to women and women's rights. It's like voting Fascist or Fascist-Light (and frankly I'm a little confused about which one is "Fascist-Light" at this point).

Taking this alone into account for Pennsylvania voters makes your 2 posts from yesterday a strange contradiction. The amount of HOSTILITY Casey has for women is exactly why he had to shut up the Green Party candidate Romanelli because Romanelli is VERY Pro Woman.

With our mutual concerns for human rights and environmental sanity at stake here hassen I'm not at all sure what either of the two main parties have done for such issues recently?

And I'm NOT talking about speeches given, I'm asking what have they LITERALLY done? Because if you take a look at the roll call page to see how the Senate in particular votes, it's pretty clear just how little Democrats care about the issues we say we care about.

Like giving themselves a raise but NOT raising the minimum wage after 10 years! That's a breathtaking thing right there, and that's just one of many things.

Of the things you site on your blog you mention, just for example, the issues of constitutional changes/interpretations on privacy issues. Yeah, exactly, for instance The Patriot Act, which the Democrats seem to wholeheartedly agree with. Look at the voting record, it's free and open to the public, and you will see for yourself where the Democrats stand, in fact it's a chorus of yea.

How do we move the middle Left when everyone in the system is moving Right? It's my feeling that voting FOR them while they're moving Right is agreeing with the shift to the Right.

Voting for Casey is agreeing with Casey. And Casey over and over says we need to send MORE Americans into Iraq. How can you possibly ask me to vote for that? That's madness, that vote. That's not the middle, that's insanity that is very much to the Right of the middle and an advocate of the fascist control. To be honest, if this war is a priority then Santorum is a better choice. But of course I'm not ever voting for Santorum.

Asking those of us in Pennsylvania to vote for Casey is literally asking us to AGREE that we need to send yet more forces into Iraq, when what we really should be doing is pulling out.

And hassen, did you read the things posted here about what Casey did to Romanelli? Is that okay with you? I mean, is it okay with you that Democrats destroy a 3rd party voice like they have been doing? And why? Why is it okay? Voting for Bob Casey or Hillary Clinton is AGREEING with their tyrannical snuffing out of any opposition to their Right Wing pre-election vote fixing.

Election Day is close at hand and I have that day off, and I intend to join ranks with Green Party staff all across this country to speak one-on-one with Democrats near the voting booths about what has been going on, since only DEMOCRACY NOW wants to let us know the truth.

My sign tomorrow will say, "CASEY HATES WOMEN AND IS PRO WAR!" When people ask me who to vote for I'll tell them to write-in "Carl Romanelli" who is the only sane PA vote.

A vote FOR Casey in PA is a vote AGAINST WOMEN! And a vote for Casey in PA is a vote FOR THE WAR AND TO KEEP IT GOING!


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