Tuesday, November 07, 2006

my momma 

thanks for your voice here, Jenn. i really like your idea to increase your donation to Planned Parenthood to sort of make up for the Casey vote - LOVE IT! this is exactly the sort of thing that really gives me a mood-boost - constructive thinking - & action.

as I type, i'm waiting for my son so we can go vote together. this will be the first time we do, though he's been voting for the last couple years. that is one reason i'm excited this very minute. another is the positive election forecast i've been hearing. & the simple joy that i get to vote! election days really should be national holidays. it would reinforce voter privilege and responsibility - & people could do eleventh hour candidate/issue research instead of mindless voting or not voting at all. it would only help democracy.

a friend sent me this great letter from Michael Moore giving 5 reasons to vote today. in it, he points out that if they win, we get to hold Democrats accountable. i don't have much faith at all in the DNC as is & i dig the idea that this election might also inspire major changes within the party.

on a lighter note (;^/), you gotta check out NJ Weedman running for office here:

"Every community in America has a "weedman', we are a valueable part of the cannabis consuming community, but I Edward Forchion besides being cute, handsome, suave and devanaire; I am a little vain. I claim the entire State of New Jersey."

too bad we don't have coronations in this country.

anyway, i hope all those who insist on voting independent will consider voting for my momma, who just had surgery today and would, among other things, likely create a kickass healthcare plan.

i'm now going to strut down to the borough hall & VOTE...

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