Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hitler you say? 

First off, hassen, thanks for your post, and I've never once thought you were trying to censor me, so don't worry about that. And are you feeling "alone out here" like Jenn sees you? You always seem to be able to hold your own just fine as far as I've seen. How odd.

And frankly I feel the opposite about you being alone, meaning that MOST everyone agrees with you. You are FAR from alone! As a matter of fact, that information I posted about what happened to Carl Romanelli, now THAT'S what's alone. It's like it didn't happen, unless you're listening to Amy Goodman on DEMOCRACY NOW, or a few other off-the-chart sources.

And Casey WILL help put an end to legal abortion when he's elected. That is something he very much wants on his report card. He pines for it.

Jenn, you realize that Santorum thinks Casey's idea of sending more troops into Iraq is insane? I hate to agree with Santorum, but, yes, it's insane.

Hitler is actually a choice for the one who would BLINDLY act in such a foolish way. Casey's choice would only pull us closer to the worst possible thing for this world.

Hassen you're lucky you don't have to deal with the Casey choice. I've made up my mind to not vote for Casey because I refuse to vote for someone who has such TERRIBLE ideas about the war, the safety of this world, and women's lives.


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