Wednesday, November 08, 2006

for Silence, misinterpreted 

Re: “I'm of course relieved to find out that you're not interested in silencing 3rd party voices. Trust me, it wasn't clear at all. Jenn, I'm not in the habit of asking questions I already know the answers to.”

Conrad, after knowing you for years, & the many discussions that we’ve had about poetry & politics, for you to write that until my last post, you thought I might be interested in silencing 3rd party voices, or anyone’s voice for that matter, is disappointing, disheartening, & speaks volumes to me about how little you’ve listened to anything I’ve had to say.

”And when I stood in the rain for hours yesterday talking to complete strangers about what has been going on, some of the Democrats actually DID SAY they were glad that Casey put his black boot in the face of the Green Party.”

I’m sorry to hear that it was raining where you were. We were lucky with clear weather in South Philly & out in Fairmount where I work. I’m sure some Democrats did say that they were happy that the Greens got squashed. I hope that some of them provided articulate reasons why they felt that way & weren’t just nasty for the sake of being so.

”Although I have to tell you, there were more than a few people I spoke with yesterday who were in shock by the information I shared, and wanted to know more. I've since written to all those people with links and info.”

That’s awesome; I’m glad you educated those people. & I’m sure that, in the interest of full disclosure, when you were telling them to write in “Carl Romanelli” for Senator, you mentioned the source of his ballot money, & how hard the GOP tried to get him on the ballot expressly to divert votes from Casey.

"But you're wrong Jenn, I'm not interested in telling you to shut up. I was asking you questions, which is not something someone does when they want silence."

I’m sure you don’t mean it this way, Conrad, but your way of “asking questions” feels an awful lot like bullying to me.

You question my “silence” & assume that it’s somehow sinister, because I chose to respond to Hassen’s post, but hadn’t responded to yours. I do not have time to respond to every post on this blog, & in fact rarely post at all.

To other members of the blog: Henceforth, please know that if I do not post an “AMEN – RIGHT ON ” to your post, that it does not imply disagreement.

”I am however confused by hassen being enthusiastic about your idea of giving money to Planned Parenthood in order to make up for your Casey vote. Your admission of feeling guilty gives hassen "a mood-boost - constructive thinking - & action."”

Let me be perfectly clear about this point: I feel NO guilt about my vote for Casey. It was the right vote for me to make & I have NO regret about that. That doesn't mean that I don't look forward to voting against him come next primary. I hope that we have a viable alternative candidate to challenge him.

I already give money to Planned Parenthood of Southeastern PA; I believe in PP’s national agenda as the largest sexual & reproductive healthcare provider in the US, & I believe in supporting local organizations whenever possible. If I’m casting a vote, even a vote in good conscience, for an anti-abortion candidate, it makes sense to me, in the interest of balance, to increase my contribution to such a provider as well.

I also have no regret that the Democrats took the House, may be on the verge of taking the Senate (in part due to Casey's victory), or that Rumsfeld has subsequently resigned.

viva Pelosi,

jenn mcc.

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