Wednesday, November 08, 2006

for Silence Broken 

Jenn, accusing me of being an enemy to community because I wonder why you were not interested in coming forth with discussing the original thread is just silly.

In fact hassen herself admits where the thread began by stating in a previous post that she had posted what she posted to make clear to readers about her differing views from the ones shared on the blog. So hassen was responding and making it a thread, and you jumped in later on.

My questions last night were from the silence you and hassen shared for the brutality directed at the Green Party.

I'm of course relieved to find out that you're not interested in silencing 3rd party voices.

Trust me, it wasn't clear at all. Jenn, I'm not in the habit of asking questions I already know the answers to.

And when I stood in the rain for hours yesterday talking to complete strangers about what has been going on, some of the Democrats actually DID SAY they were glad that Casey put his black boot in the face of the Green Party.

Although I have to tell you, there were more than a few people I spoke with yesterday who were in shock by the information I shared, and wanted to know more. I've since written to all those people with links and info.

But you're wrong Jenn, I'm not interested in telling you to shut up. I was asking you questions, which is not something someone does when they want silence.

In fact, it was the silence I was addressing.

And you did finally address it.

I am however confused by hassen being enthusiastic about your idea of giving money to Planned Parenthood in order to make up for your Casey vote. Your admission of feeling guilty gives hassen "a mood-boost - constructive thinking - & action."

Hmm, a mood-boost from someone acting out of guilt is so strange. But stranger things have happened.


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