Wednesday, November 08, 2006

don't mind if I do thread it 

WOW! I'm a bully!? I had no idea the name calling was coming!

Look, there was NOTHING wrong with me asking the questions I did. And there was NOTHING wrong with me thinking you were feeling that desperate, as many people have been feeling about this election, that you would be happy to not have the Greens on the ticket.

And it's not at all clear Jenn that when you said, "Therefore, while I increase my annual donation to Planned Parenthood" in the same sentence as saying you're voting for Carey that it wouldn't come across as your admission of feeling guilt?

To me IT VERY MUCH SEEMED like you were saying the "increase" was DUE TO the fact that you're voting for Carey. No? You don't see this? No?

For you to act like I'm stretching things is wild to me. But anyway, you say it wasn't that way. Of course you're also trying to tell me it didn't rain in South Philly yesterday evening. Okay, fine. But where I live (mere blocks away) it's been raining ever since, and still raining right now.

And hassen, you should know by now that your tactic of calling me names is not going to shut me up. I know you like to do that, as I've seen you do it numerous times to numerous people, especially when your argument has run low on gas, but you should know it's not going to work with me. It just makes me remind you of glass houses.


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