Sunday, November 12, 2006


Below is a message sent out today by Laurie Fitzpatrick, an old friend and member of the community garden Cathleen Miller and I belong to at the corner of South and Broad Streets. With SO MANY gardens having been DESTROYED in the past year this is news that cannot be CANNOT BE ignored! PLEASE COME TO THE RALLY IF YOU CAN, AND PLEASE BRING FRIENDS! THE MORE OF US THERE ARE THE BETTER IT WILL LOOK ON THE NEWS AND THE MORE CITY HALL WILL HAVE TO FINALLY TAKE NOTICE AND PUT A HALT TO THIS INSANITY THAT'S GOING ON! --CAConrad

Dear Gardeners,

Attached is a flyer from my friends in the Hawthorn neighborhood regarding their proposed park at 12th and Catherine street -- just down the street from our garden. This park has been promised to the neighborhood by Carl Green and the Philadelphia Housing Authority and he is now going back on his promise and trying to sell the property to developers to put in more houses to sell. This neighborhood needs a park, all the neighbors want this park and have designed it in collaboration with U Arts and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. The state has put up money to build this greenspace but Carl Green and PHA are trying to take it away. Why? BECAUSE HE CAN! It's city politics at its worst.

Or better yet: he can try. The community -- however -- can beat him. You and I are the community so let's go!

I think it would be a great idea to show up at their rally and show our support. Not only because it's the right thing to do but because if they beat back these non-elected power brokers and their greedy developer friends, we will have a better chance of getting our green space at Broad and South created. So what do you say? Up for a protest/rally?

In the event you can't open the attachment, here is the information: Save Hawthorn Park community rally, 12 pm noon on Saturday, November 18th, 12th and Catherine street. Free coffee and cider will be served.

Thanks for your time!


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