Wednesday, November 08, 2006

dear hassen and Jenn McCreary 

It seems that the election is turning out in favor of the Democrats. And I truly hope you are both correct about this meaning something. Needing to get out of this war, etc., etc., you know what we all need from them.

And although our conversation has been enlightening on many levels, it's not once escaped my attention that neither of you ever made mention of the horrible, brutal behavior on the part of the Democrats against 3rd party candidates.

This conversation was born out of a thread in which I had created on the topic of EXTREME politics, as though politics in America were suddenly part of an EXTREME sports tv network.

The Democrats all across this nation were removing 3rd party candidates from ballots, uninviting, ignoring them for debate times, dragging them to court, bullying and swaggering over them with their tyrannical powers of this American corporate-industrial-military-government's muscle.

We went from me talking about some of the most startling facts AS THEY UNFOLDED, from a few of the very mouths of some of the staff in Pennsylvania who were WITNESS to these incredible injustices, to the two of you ignoring ALL this information to talk exclusively on the topic of the Democrats being the ones we need to get behind.

So my question to you hassen, and you Jenn, is, how do you feel about all this? Since you have been reluctant to say anything about it, I have to ask.

For you to both ignore the elephant in the room makes my mind wonder, and wonder hard. Wondering such things as, "Do hassen and Jenn think none of this is true? Do they think all of this information is part of some collective hallucination shared only by Green Party candidates, staff and supporters? I wonder. All I can do is wonder, since they have had nothing to say."

And I have to ask the both of you about the quote, "Attempting to create an ideal democracy at this point in the game is a luxury we don’t have in this country." The quote that you made hassen, and that you Jenn echoed, saying you felt it to be "succinctly stated" by hassen.

The question is, what exactly is under the umbrella of "luxury" in this statement?

It's suddenly unclear to me, as I wonder hard about your stand on the issue of backing a party whose members have left a trail of stitched mouths in its wake.

The statement you both so openly back says "an ideal democracy at this point in the game" and I'm thinking, well, maybe THAT points to the answer I've been wondering hard about. That YES, "at this point in the game" we need to stomp and smash out that 3rd party voice.

To me though, that's not only NOT an ideal democracy, it's NO kind of democracy.

Is it possible we've come to this in our country? The idea that DEMOCRACY ITSELF is a luxury we can no longer afford? We need a brutal fist knocking in the teeth of any who dare challenge?

Your silence on these matters is where I am living with this, you see?

Democracy cannot stand upright in such a landscape.

Democracy "at this point in the game" is suddenly just a word that once meant something around here.


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