Sunday, November 05, 2006

3rd party etc 

i chose not to post here because my personal vision for the PhillySound blog is more about poetry & the arts than about politics - and because i don't want any reader to assume that i'm speaking for any other PhillySound poets but myself. the latter is the same reason i did post a simple link to it - to indicate, in the midst of several political posts, that not all of us here have the same opinion. that doesn't mean i want to censor you in any way & it's good you feel free to let others know how you're feeling & of course the information you post is valuable.

as for Casey, i live in Jersey & don't have to consider him for my vote, thankfully. i do feel that what i posted on my blog adequately sums up my stance and i'm leaving it at that (as i stated in the post). & i think your point is well stated, for what it's worth.

over the last few years, i've been really trying to be more mindful, thinking a lot about how to best spend my time if i really want anything to change. prioritizing for myself & not engaging so much in activities (often political discussions or such) that will make me feel cranky, miserably hopeless & paralyze/hinder me from attempting something more productive. for example, i could continue to argue about 3rd parties and join the continuum/fractal of polarization of the polarized, bore other readers & further infuriate you - or i could instead list some really great links for those who could use some inspiration or helpful information.

Architecture for Humanity
Donors Choose
Global Giving
Good Magazine
Inspired Protagonist
Millenium Promise
Organic Home Resources
Teach for America
White Dog Cafe Foundation
Women's Resource Center
Yes! Magazine

here's to [r]evolution,

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