Thursday, October 19, 2006

voting my values 

I looked at the ACLU "Voting my values" campaign, and the thought that came to me was "what if my values are not represented by any of the people running for office?" Conrad, I think you and I had this conversation regarding the Casey/Santorum non-choice, and I am still left with the question of what to do when we're being convinced to vote between the lesser of two evils.

I'd like to open a discussion about what we really can do. I want to vote my values, and I bet you do too, but what is the responsible action in this time of political extremism and either/or thinking?? I don't want my vote to be a joke, nor do I want to simply hand it to someone because he's not as bad as the other guy (and I do choose my pronouns thoughtfully here...).

We need a revolution, and we need it now!

Thanks for listening.

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