Saturday, October 21, 2006

VERY IMPORTANT! has anyone else heard of this? NOW I'M WRITING ROMANELLI IN! 

Ian Keenan responded to yesterday's post that Romanelli was taken off the ballot for lack of interest. (THANK YOU IAN!) The creepy news is as follows:

"In Pennsylvania, Carl Romanelli, Green candidate for U.S. Senate, was removed from the ballot after collecting nearly 95,000 signatures to meet a 67,000 signature requirement. Democrats or Republicans are required to collect 2,000 signatures. The Democratic Party took Romanelli to court and convinced a judge that there were enough invalid signatures to disqualify him. The judge, later backed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, is forcing him to pay nearly $1 million in Democratic Party lawyers' fees.

'The right to present evidence and a defense is basic in America. Even murderers are given a day in court. After seven weeks, I was not. Yet, the court wants me to pick up the tab,' said Romanelli."


I'M WRITING ROMANELLI IN! And I've JUST sent several e-mails to Pennsylvania Green Party to have this information verified. This is EXACTLY the kind of shit they pulled on Nader and LaDuke back in the 2000 presidential election!


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