Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Soon you will be hearing more about PHILADELPHIA SUPERNATURAL CITY POETRY WORKSHOPS where I take groups into the subway to write a collaborative poem on the floor of moving cars IN THE VIBRATION, then up to the feet of William Penn's statue atop city hall for a 360 view of where words kaleidoscope back at you INTO you AS they ARE you! We'll be eating and drinking all through workshop, discussing how what we ingest helps or hinders our experience with making poems, hoping to find newer and NEWER understandings about ourselves, to understand the best food for the best poems. We'll be using 9 different gem stones to toss onto a Philadelphia map to grip a new understanding of location-poem-gem, the properties of gem to location. At Logan Circle Fountain we will meditate Reiki Energy onto one another and write another collaborative poem. We'll investigate the INCREDIBLE trees of the city, and how touching them, being with them taps into poetry. We'll go to Benjamin Franklin's first library to create INSTANT poems with random book choices from the shelves. SO MANY OTHER THINGS WE WILL DO! Also we will work on drafting a missionary statement we will help form around aiding EVERYONE we know to be as creative as possible, as THIS is what we have GOT to GET to in order to make the Real Changes needed in this disintegrating world we all Love SO FUCKING MUCH! Missionaries for self actualization, for the TRUE FUCKING GIFTS each human being has within! Poetry as one of the best weapons in a fascist regime!

As an aside...
Last night I dreamt that there was a poetry library in Philadelphia, and Cathleen Miller (the AMAZING Cathleen Miller) was the librarian. But she was more than a librarian, she was the keeper of an extraordinary door, I mean literally a door with living coral and crustaceans bubbling on its surface. And everyone seemed to be enjoying the library. When I asked Cathleen if we could have a Chocolate Conservatory she seemed happy about the idea, and what I remember of the dream fizzles out in that conversation for the new CHOCOLATE wing. Oh, and I was wearing sandals, which I never wear, which makes me suspicious of everything now, but, no less happy. Learning to be suspicious and happy at the same time might be the real lesson of the dream.


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