Sunday, October 22, 2006

EMAIL FROM Blyden Potts, who heads the Administrative Committee of the PA Green Party 

Many thanks to Blyden Potts for getting back to me when trying to sort out the details of what has happened with the Romanelli case.

One thing he says in reference to what Ian Keenan sent is, "The essence of this is correct, except I believe the lawyer fees that Romanelli has been saddled with are more on the order of $100,000 rather than $1 million."

He then goes into a very lengthy summary of what happened with those signatures gathered throughout PA for Romanelli's inclusion on the PA mid-term ballot. It's long enough that I would rather PROMISE to forward that email to you if you contact me at CAConrad13@aol.com rather than posting it here. Thanks, and don't hesitate to ask me to forward this to you, and I can also forward any subsequent emails as they come in from other Green Party staff. --CAConrad

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