Wednesday, September 06, 2006

what the HELL is going on with the corn!? 

While visiting Hassen yesterday she showed me a very interesting and very disturbing article in the latest issue of The Smithsonian on corn, and Fritz Haber's invention of synthetic nitrogen, and what all this means to the world we have, and the worries about the world we're creating.

For the whole article click here

For more on Fritz Haber click here

One thing I enjoyed doing with Hassen was driving out to the organic farm where she purchases her organic flowers for her clients. Having grown up in the country I grumble all the time how isolating it was, and how much I can't stand the thought of ever living in rural America again, HOWEVER it sure is beautiful to see and SMELL and listen to every once in a while! She buys her gasoline from CITGO, to support the revolution in Venezuela! When we pulled in I said we should sing their national anthem, but Hassen didn't know it, and neither do I. Do you know it? Would you teach us for the gas pump?


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