Saturday, September 02, 2006

Re: & Speaking of... 

       "To lead people, walk behind them."
             --Lao Tzu

Frank, THANKS for posting that article, a real WAKE THE FUCK UP call! The level of greed in this city right now is almost pornographic!

Like so many cities this unbridled "progress" has happened to, the poor of course cannot integrate so much as disappear into the fringes. The rise in violence, theft, and such, is right out of Lao Tzu's writings: To end poverty and theft, stop acquiring riches.

AND Frank, to go with your last post about the architect of the 18th street condo being built burning it down before it's occupied, HERE HERE! SOUNDS GREAT!

To everyone and anyone, there's a poster on the Broad Street side of the Arts Bank at Broad & South with a photograph of people lined up in front of Bread & Roses on Arch Street for food, the caption reading, "A CITY OF LUXURY CONDOMINIUMS AND SOUP KITCHENS."

Minar Palace being SMASHED to bits the other day is yet another fatality of the war against the small and beautiful of Philadelphia.


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