Monday, September 18, 2006

Moles Not Molar Reading Series ReStarts This Friday 

I'm passing this on from Emily Abendroth.
It is very early and very wet in Seattle.

There is much about Philly that I'm missing already.
# 32: the awkward "is this the line?" at Java Cup.

I hope you are all well.


Dear Vermination Enthusiasts,

We are pleased to announce that not only have the Moles de-
burrowed but they are tussling rather furiously about. This
September (and actually this very week and a half!) shall be
apportioned not one but two tasty mammalian offerings. The
first - coming up on this very Friday - September 22nd -
shall be in keeping with our usual 3 reader extravaganza. All
of the details for that event follow below. The second - on
Monday the 25th - is a launch party/reading for the first
volume of the journal Encyclopedia. We'll be sending out a
full announcement for that event tomorrow. Please come out to
each if you can!

The Moles


Reading Series
for Emerging Writers


This Friday, September 22nd
7:30 PM
at Nexus Gallery
located at 137 N 2nd Street (between Arch and Race)

KEVIN VARRONE (Poet; Philadelphia)
JOSHUA MARCUS (Songwriter & Musician; Philadelphia)
CAREN BEILIN (Fiction Writer; Philadelphia)

KEVIN VARRONE is the author of the chapbooks g-point Almanac,
6/21-9/21 (ixnay press 2000) and g-point Almanac, 9/22-10/19
(duration press e-book series 2002). His first full length
collection is due from Instance Press in Spring 2007.

JOSHUA MARCUS sings honest compositions about the
extraordinary circumstances inherent in everyday living.
There is urgency in his music. With plucked banjo and finger-
picked guitar, he beckons the audience to engage in each
performance with him.

CAREN BEILIN is a fiction writer recently returned to
Philadelphia from a long, somewhat wonderful stint in
Chicago. She has published short stories in Zembla Magazine,
Quarterly West, 3:AM Magazine, and other places. An essay on
writing will soon appear in a Rizzoli book entitled How I
Write, alongside a picture of her apartment's water heater,
which is what she leans upon when writing, and which informs
her stories with visions of the sea.

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