Sunday, September 03, 2006

The best way to predict the future is to design it. --Buckminster Fuller 

The above quote is pulled from Hassen & Heather's website for their AMAZING eco-friendly business ORGANIC HOME DESIGN. Cathleen Miller and I stopped by their table at the South Street Green Festival.

Hassen will be giving a lecture on creating an eco-friendly environment sometime soon, and I hope she announces the where and when here on the blog.

While sitting with Hassen at her table at the festival, Marc Stier came by to not only talk with Hassen about his interest in her GREEN business, but to mention he is running for City Council at Large. He's spearheading a new organization MUCH NEEDED RIGHT NOW called Philadelphia Campaign for Housing Justice. When I asked him what can be done about the luxury condominiums destroying Center City's RICH artistic community, he shook his head and his tone changed to one of regret, saying, "Center City is lost. Very much lost." His goal with the new campaign is to STOP landlords in South Philly, Northern Liberties, West Philly, etc., from STICKING-IT to lower income citizens. The gist of the program (which already has a lot of support in City Hall) is to MAKE land owners who rent to high income tenants provide 20 percent of their housing to lower income tenants, thus helping curb the classist segregation which is rapidly occurring in the greater Philadelphia region. It's an amazing plan! And I'm very excited about Marc Stier's commitment to this city's diverse communities. Here's his webpage: MARC STIER: City Council at Large.

And I HAVE TO SAY meeting Stier was exactly what I needed after watching the disheartening LIVE debate this morning on NBC's MEET THE PRESS between Pennsylvania's TWIN DEVILS Santorum & Casey. Debate? That wasn't much of a debate. Santorum gleefully accepts his position of eating Bush's shit, while Casey claims we not only should NOT leave Iraq, but that we need to send in MORE TROOPS! Does anyone have ANY idea who the FUCK to vote for in Pennsylvania this year? The Democrat, Casey, has a much more sinister plan, but of course I couldn't possibly vote for Santorum as he's an open fag basher who STILL SAYS (YES INDEED BECAUSE HE SAID IT AGAIN THIS MORNING!) THAT SADDAM HAD WMD's! HEHEHE! Okey-Dokey Ricky, WHATEVER YOU SAY!

To read the transcript of this HEINOUS "debate" click here for 2 ASSHOLES ON THE SAME STICK HELD OVER THE SAME FUCKING FLAME!


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