Saturday, September 30, 2006


(Kathryn left, Magdalena right, click here for their webpage)

[below are 2 excerpts from my DEVIANT you DEVIANT me project. --CAConrad]

(9/26/06) for Corina Copp. The times the sky looks like a painting helps me absorb paintings better, and I'm not talking paintings of clouds I'm talking ROTHKO, which some days is a cloud the battlefields of the Soul welcomes, and rains down, floods guns and soothes a few screamers. Or creates a screaming, a new one, the one we'll all finally HEAR and all finally respond to -- there IT is -- here we are -- what do we do? -- we'll figure it out -- we'll figure it out -- okay, let's do that. "when i do not write / i am experiencing / something i will write about later." --Kathryn L. Pringle (Kate). Magdalena and Kate were married yesterday at San Francisco's city hall. I took a couple dozen pictures of them filling out their forms, waiting for their number to be called. After $42 the certificate printed out. Before I even left Philadelphia, Maggie said the most important photograph for me to take would be of she and Kate holding their certificate in front of the Harvey Milk statue. We walked around city hall in search of his statue. No one knew where it was, every office kept sending us to another office. We wanted to share this beautiful union with our queer martyr, like Christians do with their martyr Jesus. Finally in the basement office of Building Control we found out there is no Harvey Milk statue, and never has been one. Maggie was sure of it though. She saw it, once, somewhere, at city hall. The three of us looking for her imaginary statue was lovely, my own mind imagining him twelve feet tall, bending down, touching our most immediate, external chakras as we approached, and I couldn't wait to see him. We settled for the Abraham Lincoln statue, another American homo martyr, but we wanted Harvey Milk, we wanted the missing one, the one still hidden in uncarved stone. Maggie and Kate were beautiful, even when Kate was grumpy because she wanted lunch and was tired of me saying Pose here, Kiss here, Just one more picture, How about you putting the certificate on the step and you rest your faces on either side of it while facing each other? Suzanne Stein joined us later for dinner. At one point I mentioned needing to see the ROTHKO at the SFMOMA, and she very generously offered tickets to the museum, which is where I am right now, writing this. THANK YOU SUZANNE! Before the museum opened I prepared myself with chunks of dark chocolate and hot chocolate for the altered state I was seeking, to see and feel the returning fins. Rothko reverses my evolution with #14, 1960. I hate the descriptive sign beside the painting. What a bunch of bullshit that is! Telling us how certain colors will burst forward when looking at it, etc., etc., and I wish now that I hadn't read it, it's fucking with my chocolate high. More than once I tried to encourage others to NOT read the sign, to step back and look at it on their own. Fine, look at me like I'm crazy! All I want is for everyone in here to LOOK AT THIS painting without the assistance of the so-called "expert" who wrote the stupid sign. I'm so sick of experts. But more than experts I'm sick of people seeking the advice of experts. "Oh, please TELL ME what this painting means, my mind's too feeble to understand without you!" I want to cover the sign with my own, "IGNORE THIS NONSENSE AND BE BURNED ALIVE ON YOUR OWN TERMS!" Why do we go to museums? Why do we bother with paintings if we're just going to be led around by our noses? Where is the expert who tells us we're our own experts at how we feel about this world? How does it taste? What do you see when you give yourself a chance to see on your own? Can you feel your own creative juices? How does THAT taste? Are we delicious? Are we delicious yet and breaking down the door together? I'm ready to break it the fuck down, with you! Are you ready? Can we do this now?

(Kathryn left, Magdalena right)

(9/23/06) for Dorothy Lasky. San Francisco, Haight Street, where sexy Anton LaVey used to walk his pet lion. Tonight the fog rides the wind at street-light level, white shapes zipping through the frame of light, apparitions, lovers, food. I want to climb a pole and meet it head-on, mouth open, fog in the mouth, I want fog in my mouth, to never stop knowing how delicious this world can be. Last night I read with my friend Magdalena Zurawski at SPT for the very generous Elizabeth Treadwell. Are those readings recorded? There's a man in a booth at the back of the room which feels like -- you know -- SOMETHING is going on, BUT I would LOVE to listen again to Magdalena's sex chapter, to where the room's gasps and laughter came in. When I heard her read this in Philadelphia we were tense and breathless through the sex and the wound -- Is thing hurting her? Is this her pleasure? The laughter last night was a strange comfort, and I was sitting next to Kate thinking WE LOVE YOU poet, novelist, whatever you're calling yourself these days! Very good time later on too, drinking with this city's marvelous bunch of poets! Magdalena and I both drank entirely too much. Her whiskeys put her out till the bartender shook her awake. After my fifth martini I forgot this is San Francisco instead of Philadelphia and lit a cigarette to the exclamation of several voices around me, including the bartender, who had just about had enough of us. I put it out in my martini and declared there can't be a law against drinking tobacco, then threw the drink back, laughing. Stupid fun. If I had a video camera I would record this fog tonight, hours and hours of it whipping past the lights. Have you ever loved an element as much? I want to climb the pole, undo my pants and suck fog inside me, my sphincter, my gulping, fog-swallowing sphincter. Earlier tonight I was on the Haunted Haight Tour with Magdalena, Kate, and Elise. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TOUR! Jim Jones lived here, and signed the cement sidewalk, dated 1976. Another block later we stood where a young man was killed in front of Janis Joplin's apartment. A residual haunting can still be heard of his heavy boots running to where his blood soaked the street corner. Then there's the garage where Charles Manson once lived. And then the house where the ghost of a little girl hides CDs in the freezer, and hates the photographs of other children, which the residents can never find again. They buy her dolls, and keep them on a shelf for her. Levi Strauss & Company was excited when Potter's Field was dug up because the century-old graves revealed hundreds of skeletons with their Levi jeans completely intact. Capitalist SCUM marketing on the memories of men too poor for proper burials! But can you believe city officials MADE Anton LaVey give his lion to the city zoo, saying it was too dangerous to walk in the streets? Who had to deliver that message? There's a curse bearer for sure. "Don't kill the messenger" not just an expression. Hmm, and I wonder if LaVey went to the zoo to share raw steak with his lion friend? While on the haunted tour I saw two more examples of my favorite graffiti in this city: fig. All lower case, the "g" such a flourish it reminds me of squid. Figs and squid, two of my favorite things on Earth. Magdalena says squid tastes delicious, but I prefer squid swimming, shooting ink out the ass. I would LOVE to shoot ink out the ass! The THINGS I would do if I could to THAT! The guide on our haunted tour was a gorgeous barrel of a man whose talk of Quantum Entanglement turned me on like few men can do! GRR HE'S HOT! I wanted to take him back to Jim Jones's house and make out on the sidewalk, our cheeks pressed to the cement signature. And later I would use my newfound squid super powers and blow ink out the ass, spelling on the street, "I'M NOT EXACTLY SURE BUT I THINK I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU BEAUTIFUL HAUNTED HAIGHT TOUR GUIDE SIR!" I would LOVE to have sex in Charles Manson's garage (yet another seemingly unrealistic goal to manifest) HOO-RAH!

(Suzanne Stein and CAConrad, photo by Kathryn L. Pringle)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Next Friday! David Buuck, hassen & Jane Sprague 

Night Flag presents David Buuck, hassen and Jane Sprague
Friday October 6 @ 7pm sharp
Robin's Books 108 S. 13th Street Philly

David Buuck lives in Oakland. Recent publications include the two chapbooks RUTS and RUNTS, and a special section on global poetries he co-edited with Juliana Spahr for Boundary2. He is a contributing editor at Artweek, and the director of BARGE, the Bay Area Research Group in Enviro-aesthetics. Currently he's trying to finish his PhD in the History of Consciousness program at UC-Santa Cruz.

hassen writes poetry and fiction and lives in the Philadelphia area. Her poems can be found in Frequency audio journal, Nedge and Skanky Possum. Her chapbooks include Sky Journal: From Land and Sky Journal: From Sea as well as Salem from Belladonna*. You can find links and PDFs at www.hassens.blogspot.com.

Jane Sprague is the author of the chapbooks fuck your pastoral, monster: a bestiary, The Port of Los Angeles and break / fast. Her poems have been published in many print and online magazines including Tarpaulin Sky, Kiosk, VeRT, ecopoetics, Tinfish and others. She edits and publishes Palm Press from the port city of Long Beach, California and teaches writing at several institutions.

See you there.

- Frank Sherlock

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

14 Poets! One Night! Poetry Bus Tour 

On Monday, October 2nd, the Wave Books Poetry Bus Tour will bring 14 poet-readers to The FUEL Collection (former MTV Real World House), 3rd and Arch, Philadelphia 6pm: Read more about the tour on Philadelphia Weekly's A-List.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
John Yau
Frank Sherlock
Molly Russakoff
Prageeta Sharma
CA Conrad
Brenda Shaughnessy
Thomas Sayers Ellis
Catie Rosemurgy
Joshua Beckman
Nick Flynn
Eric Baus
Dorothea Lasky
Matthew Zapruder
Major Jackson
performance art by: Typing Explosion

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Food and Drink provided!

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Arab Street 

A long way from the Bronx... hiphop in Gaza.

- FS

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oh Guillermo....Flashbacks, Flashbacks! 

Guillermo Juan Parra has attacked the recent Venezuela-related posts that have appeared on this blog... again. I'm having a flashback to March 2004, when Guillermo attacked me for my response to his circulation of an open letter from Venezuelan intellectuals opposed to Chavez. Guillermo published a slanderous (albeit ill-informed) blog post about my motivations, accusing me of ignorance of Latin American politics, and even a kind of racism. He also attacked me via email with wild assumptions, insults and condescensions because I didn't agree with his opinion.

We had an intense email exchange. Once he got the barrage of insults out of his system, Guillermo noted that I had an understanding of the Opposition's positions, that I followed the Opposition's newsblogs (go to Venepoetics for links to some of these) and that I knew the players involved- both right and left. He conceded that I did have a grasp on Latin American history and the current political climate. He stated that political analysis was not his strong suit, and apologized for the insults and assumptions. He volunteered to take down his defamatory post (though I never once asked him to do so.) To his credit, he did, and we agreed to end the correspondence as two thoughtful poets that respectfully disagreed...or so I thought, until Friday.

Guillermo views Chavez as a bully. Since we're sharing advice, I would advise Guillermo to examine his own inner bully. Attempts to silence opinions that he doesn't agree with simply based on birthright is an act of intimidation. It will not work here. The attempts to cloud the argument with diffuse insults is also ineffective. Why would I reference Venezuelan writers when posting about Citgo giving oil to low-income Philadelphians? That would be off-subject. I could ask why his Latin American gangster watch hasn't registered the CIA-backed paramilitary murder of Guatemalan journalist Eduardo Maas Bol. His murder is part of a national fear campaign that serves as a warning to the Guatelamalan press against publishing stories critical of the pro-US Guatemalan government. But alas, every blogger is entitled to their priorities.

The condescension of book recommendations does not make an argument. Quoting intellectuals is not a final word, but should be a doorway to discussion. Like Gullermo, I am not interested in re-treading the Chavez argument with him again. Instead, I welcome him to post our email discourse from 2004 in its entirety, as the misconceptions he propagated recently are addressed in our past correspondence. I imagine that bringing this to light will be unlikely, since it would dispel the cheap insults and pot-shots that have been directed at me on Friday by a writer who claims to respect an intellectual tradition.

- Frank Sherlock

Friday, September 22, 2006

Burning Chair Reading Series 

The Burning Chair Readings Say YES! to Innovative Poetry w/The Poetry Stylings of
Jane Gregory, Frank Sherlock & Jake Adam York

Friday, September 22nd
7:30 PM
The Fall Café
307 Smith Street Between Union & President
Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
F or G to Carroll Street

Frank Sherlock is the author of Spring Diet of Flowers at Night (Mooncalf Press), ISO (furniture press), 13(ixnay press) and has engaged in collaborative projects with CAConrad Jennifer Coleman among many others. He is a contributing editor forXConnect: Writers for the Information Age.

Jake Adam York is the author of Murder Ballads, selected by Jane Satterfield for the Fifth Annual Elixir Press Awards Judge’s Prize. His poems have appeared in Shenandoah, Oxford American, Greensboro Review, Gulf Coast, New Orleans Review, Quarterly West, Diagram, Octopus, Southern Review, Poetry Daily, and other journals as well as in the anthologies Visiting Walt (Iowa University Press, 2003) and Digerati (Three Candles, 2006). York is an associate professor of English and Creative Writing at the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center in Denver, Colorado, where he directs an undergraduate Creative Writing program and produces Copper Nickel with his students. York is also acontributing editor for Shenandoah, a co-editor of the online journal story South and a founding editor ofThicket, an electronic journal dedicated to Alabama writers and Alabama writing. His work of poetic history, The Architecture of Address: The Monument and Public Speech in American Poetry, was published byRoutledge in 2005.

Jane Gregory is one of Brooklyn’s best kept secrets,unless you read Cannibal or are a regular during TheWitching Hours. Then you know all about her.

See you there.

- Frank Sherlock

Venezuela Helps the Philly Poor 

If you're a low-income Philadelphian, you can seek help heating your home again this winter, courtesy of President Hugo Chavez, CITGO and the people of Venezuela. If you think you may be eligible, call 1-877-JOE-4-OIL (1-877-563-4645) in November to apply.

this below from today's Daily News:


Hugo Chavez, CITGO to offer cut-rate oil
Special to the Daily News

NEW YORK - A reduced-price heating oil program that benefited 25,000 low-income households in the Philadelphia area would be expanded under a plan unveiled yesterday by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the head of CITGO, the oil company his nation controls.

"Businesses need to be concerned about the needs of poor people, not just making profits," Chavez told a crowd of several hundred people at Harlem's Mt. Olivet Baptist Church.

The audience included Dr. Cornell West, Tavis Smiley, Danny Glover, and several people from Maine and Alaska that had benefitted from the heating oil program.

"The people of the United States are our friends," he Chavez went on to say.

"We want to use the natural resources that Venezuela has been blessed with to help our brothers and sisters in the U.S., too."

His comments came a day after a fiery speech to the United Nations in which he referred to President Bush as "a devil."

The heating oil program was launched in Novemeber 2005 by CITGO, which is owned by Venezuela.

Last fall, 12 U.S. senators sent a letter to all oil companies asking that contribute 10 precent of their record profits to programs that benefit low-income people, who have seen their heating bills double in the last five years.

Only CITGO responded.

In the first year, 181,000 families were served in eight states, including Pennsylvania, and 40 million gallons of oil were sold to low-income people at a 40 percent reduction.

During the upcoming winter heating season, CITGO expects to distribute 100 million gallons of heating oil to 459,000 families in 16 states at the same discount.

Starting this November, Philadelphia-area residents who think they may be eligible for the program can call 1-877-JOE-4-OIL (1-877-563-4645) to apply.

Last year when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the Gulf region, Venezuela offered humanitarian aid, but it was declined by the Bush administration.

However, by September 2005, CITGO delivered 1.9 million barrels of diesel, jet fuel and gasoline to alleviate shortages and price increases that followed Katrina and Rita.

One Philadelphian explained why she had come to New York City to hear Chavez speak by saying, "I just wanted to hear a leader of a country speak who cares about people."


- Frank Sherlock

Thursday, September 21, 2006

President Hugo Chavez at Cooper Union 

Below is my report from yesterday, which I wish could be longer, but it's hard to fit all the text I want in the back of a book. Meaning, for my project "DEVIANT you DEVIANT me" which you can see here. What an amazing day it was! CAConrad

3 of 18 (9/20/06) for Eileen Tabios. New York City to see Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez at Cooper Union. My friend Mary Kalyna and her amazing group of activists The Global Women's Strike gave me a ticket. So few tickets, and so many others I know who would want to be here. In line for security check there's a man who has a Masters degree in "postwar reconstruction." What kind of class was that? "Before we learn reconstruction we must first learn how cities are destroyed. Let's examine some of our most recent atrocities shall we?" Did his father congratulate him at graduation, "Good pick son, you'll always have work!" The imagination wills you to sickness in little degrees, trying to determine the vultures from the other carnivores. SUDDENLY Carol Mirakove appears! Why the fuck can't Carol get in!? Can't we sneak her in? But the secret service are tearing everyone's bags apart. Carol and Jen Benka were at the UN protesting. They saw a great protest sign, "Would someone please give George W. Bush a blow job so we can impeach him?" It's good to laugh about one's dictator with friends. Why can't poets open for presidents? Carol would set the fucking room on fire reading her book MEDIATED! Can Carol and I fake conjoined twins to get in? It would be fun trying. Ticket 100296 with Chavez's smiling face big as a pinky print. They make me trade the ticket for a tag and safety pin: INVITADOS. We're handed bundles and T-shirts and flags. Someone hands me an English translation of the Venezuelan constitution, "Thank you," "No, thank YOU," she says emphatically. Harry Belafonte walks out with Chavez and the room is on its feet chanting, "CHAVEZ! AMIGO! EL PUEBLO ESTA CONTIGO!" (CHAVEZ! FRIEND! THE PEOPLE ARE WITH YOU!) Chavez walks onstage and points to the large banner of Abraham Lincoln and Francisco de Miranda. The quote from Miranda reads, "We must remember that we are fighting liberty and that all free men must be valiant, generous and humanitarian; only the cowards are (slaves), cruel, greedy and corrupted." Chavez thanks The Global Women's Strike for their hard work, and Mary and the others jump up with their banner of support. He thanks others, including a contingent of rabbis with buttons, "A JEW NOT A ZIONIST." The youngest rabbi runs a giant bouquet to the stage, which the police shift and block. Chavez roars into his criticism of the UN, how wrong it all is as a system. That is should be a round table of debates, not speeches. He mocks world leaders showing up for photo-opts, and says, "While every 3 seconds a child starves to death. THIS IS MADNESS!" He calls Bush the smell of "SULFUR" and continues to refer to the smell all around him. Sulfur, the Sulfur. The crowd erupts, "BUSH! ESCUCHA! EL PUEBLO ESTA EN LUCHA!" (BUSH! LISTEN! THE PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING!) He tells us that Fox News asked him why he is an enemy of the US. He says, "NO! I AM NOT! I am a friend of your people, the workers, the women, the students, they all have profound traditions we respect and cherish! It's your government I detest because I am an enemy of injustice!" The crowd erupts again, "CHAVEZ! AMIGO!" He tells us investigations have proven the attempted coup of his government was designed and carried out from within the Pentagon. He throws Cindy Sheehan a kiss, yells "AMIGO!" He says it is time to bring George Walker Bush to international court on charges of genocide, that this MUST BE DONE! Smell of sulfur, do you smell the sulfur he asks? He demands that the UN insist a country's budget use no more than 3% for military spending. He tells us when Mark Twain saw what the US was doing to Puerto Rico he wrote, "I AM ANTI IMPERIALIST!" And that Twain insisted the American flag's stars be replaced with skull and cross bones, the white stripes made black. Mary is almost trampled getting Chavez to sign her copy of the constitution. I shake his hand with hundreds of others, and think about how he wants Cooper Union to build a sister school in Venezuela, to make a free exchange of ideas. We need to share the truth to fight the smell of the Sulfur he says. Can you smell the Sulfur?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chavez Speaks to the UN 

Click here for an early transcript.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Moles Not Molar Reading Series ReStarts This Friday 

I'm passing this on from Emily Abendroth.
It is very early and very wet in Seattle.

There is much about Philly that I'm missing already.
# 32: the awkward "is this the line?" at Java Cup.

I hope you are all well.


Dear Vermination Enthusiasts,

We are pleased to announce that not only have the Moles de-
burrowed but they are tussling rather furiously about. This
September (and actually this very week and a half!) shall be
apportioned not one but two tasty mammalian offerings. The
first - coming up on this very Friday - September 22nd -
shall be in keeping with our usual 3 reader extravaganza. All
of the details for that event follow below. The second - on
Monday the 25th - is a launch party/reading for the first
volume of the journal Encyclopedia. We'll be sending out a
full announcement for that event tomorrow. Please come out to
each if you can!

The Moles


Reading Series
for Emerging Writers


This Friday, September 22nd
7:30 PM
at Nexus Gallery
located at 137 N 2nd Street (between Arch and Race)

KEVIN VARRONE (Poet; Philadelphia)
JOSHUA MARCUS (Songwriter & Musician; Philadelphia)
CAREN BEILIN (Fiction Writer; Philadelphia)

KEVIN VARRONE is the author of the chapbooks g-point Almanac,
6/21-9/21 (ixnay press 2000) and g-point Almanac, 9/22-10/19
(duration press e-book series 2002). His first full length
collection is due from Instance Press in Spring 2007.

JOSHUA MARCUS sings honest compositions about the
extraordinary circumstances inherent in everyday living.
There is urgency in his music. With plucked banjo and finger-
picked guitar, he beckons the audience to engage in each
performance with him.

CAREN BEILIN is a fiction writer recently returned to
Philadelphia from a long, somewhat wonderful stint in
Chicago. She has published short stories in Zembla Magazine,
Quarterly West, 3:AM Magazine, and other places. An essay on
writing will soon appear in a Rizzoli book entitled How I
Write, alongside a picture of her apartment's water heater,
which is what she leans upon when writing, and which informs
her stories with visions of the sea.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"The Vote" on Rod Smith's blog WHAT A QUOTE! 

click on ghost brain --CAConrad

Monday, September 11, 2006


Today is a remembrance of the devastating morning that scarred the nation, and ultimately the world. It has been a morning of solemnity, of dignified bells, of bagpipes and heads bowed in prayer. The almost 3,000 that died were remembered- the first responders, the workers, the bystanders and the passengers on the hijacked civilian missiles. Upon learning the news five years ago today, I was devastated. I was shook by the intensity of the day itself, but also with the inevitability of suffering that would play out throughout the world theatre and in the USA in its aftermath. Like the September 11 of 1973 in Chile, the bombing of a building warped a democracy for the years that followed.

The United States anti-globalization movement was among the casualties of 9/11. The momentum of Seattle ’99 was all but obliterated as the planes exploded. The coalitions of activists that forced the WTO into the mountain retreats of Davos or the protest-free deserts of Qatar were branded as domestic terrorists. This wasn’t a post-911 distinction, but the equivalency of terrorism in the American psyche forced activists into defensive positions. These included resisting sweeping new anti-democratic Patriot Act legislation, countering the boldness of the Information Awareness Program, and making a difficult attempt to educate the public on the domestic surveillance atrocities that made the dreams of a liberated nation that much more distant.

Today I also mourn for the losses suffered by workers, farmers and environmentalists all over the world who no longer had their causes as priorities of the movements that fought for their livelihood. Instead, the focus was an international galvanization of resistance to the criminal enterprise in Iraq. The anti-globalization movement morphed into the anti-war movement- a natural segue that called for necessary action, but not without a significant price.

I mourn for a movement that almost unanimously felt the necessity to support another pro-war Yalee whiteboy for president in 2004, who only changed his mind about the imperial adventure when he thought it could bring him to power. It was the fallout from September 11 that convinced a movement that once turned their backs on Republicrats to buy back into the Democratic Party’s gross corruption and lies, even if it was for just one more time. 9/11 precipitated the flag riot of 2004 in the city of New York, during the Republican variation on the Nuremberg Rally, where NYPD stormtroopers have boasted about mass pre-emptive arrests and other grave violations of civil liberties made possible by a 21st century American detainment culture.

I mourn for the hopelessness and despair of artists who became public activists in the greatest numbers since the 1960s, only to withdraw after 2004 into a mentality that has only been recognized in recent years in totalitarian countries- that of the dissident artist. In a country that fixes elections and silences dissent, the notion prevails that perhaps the greatest weapon can be wielded through the moral resistance of creativity itself. This is not Eastern Europe. This is not China. This is (not?) America.

Today I remember the fallen workers, the travelers, the fireman, the police, the immigrants, the muslims, the orphaned in East Orange and Tikrit, and my fellow citizens whose liberties may never be regained. I always loved you America, and believed you would be great someday. But you’re looking like a stranger, and today my heart is broken.

- Frank Sherlock

Saturday, September 09, 2006

re m inder this... 

...wednesday coming up

Thursday, September 07, 2006


what the HELL does this mean? click queer


WOW! The e-mail below came today from DEMOCRACY NOW's Outreach Organizer Nikki Smirl, letting Philly folks know that the news show is BACK ON THE AIR in Philly!

Is it POSSIBLE the numerous e-mails and phone calls some of us put through to DEMOCRACY NOW have actually made a difference!? Or is this the doing of WYBE alone I wonder? Not sure, but WHO CARES! This is one of the ONLY news show in America worth watching, now that Bill Moyers has been fired from the PBS show NOW, and replaced with that fascist-light knuckle-head David Brancaccio!

AMY GOODMAN's one of the TRUE heroes of our time! She has a rare COURAGE! AND I WISH SHE WOULD RUN FOR PRESIDENT! SHE HAS MY VOTE!


Dear Democracy Now! Supporters and Media Activists-

Just want to share with you the great news that Democracy Now! is now airing three days per week on WYBE TV in the greater Philadelphia area!!!! The broadcast began last Saturday, and the schedule is as follows:

Saturdays at 7pm EST
Mondays and Thursdays at 9pm EST

Note that until the end of the month, the schedule is a bit irregular and only the Saturday broadcasts are consistent. But by the end of September, DN! will be airing consistently on the above dates. You can check out the schedule here to double check when DN! airs:

WYBE operates on analog channel 35 and digital channel 34 in the Greater Philadelphia areas. The station broadcasts to 2.9 million households in 11 counties.

Also, Amy Goodman will be speaking on will be speaking in conjunction with the launch of her new book *Static* for free at the Philadelphia Free Library at noon on Wednesday, September 13th. All the details are here: http://tour.democracynow.org/2006/09/philadelphia_pa.html

Please pass on this great news to all of your friends and family in the Philadelphia area and tell them to tune in to WYBE. MORE IMPORTANTLY, if you are a WYBE viewer, give the staff at WYBE a call and let them know that you are happy to see Democracy Now! on. Positive feedback is always great for a station to hear. The phone number for WYBE is: 215.483.3900

Or you can use the online feedback form:

Thanks for your support of independent media!!!




Nikki Smirl
Outreach Organizer
Democracy Now!
tel. 212-431-9090 x.802
fax. 212-431-8858
87 Lafayette Street
First Floor
New York, NY

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Philly Roller Derby 

Who knew?

Philly Roller Derby: this Sunday: Roller Derby


what the HELL is going on with the corn!? 

While visiting Hassen yesterday she showed me a very interesting and very disturbing article in the latest issue of The Smithsonian on corn, and Fritz Haber's invention of synthetic nitrogen, and what all this means to the world we have, and the worries about the world we're creating.

For the whole article click here

For more on Fritz Haber click here

One thing I enjoyed doing with Hassen was driving out to the organic farm where she purchases her organic flowers for her clients. Having grown up in the country I grumble all the time how isolating it was, and how much I can't stand the thought of ever living in rural America again, HOWEVER it sure is beautiful to see and SMELL and listen to every once in a while! She buys her gasoline from CITGO, to support the revolution in Venezuela! When we pulled in I said we should sing their national anthem, but Hassen didn't know it, and neither do I. Do you know it? Would you teach us for the gas pump?


Sunday, September 03, 2006

The best way to predict the future is to design it. --Buckminster Fuller 

The above quote is pulled from Hassen & Heather's website for their AMAZING eco-friendly business ORGANIC HOME DESIGN. Cathleen Miller and I stopped by their table at the South Street Green Festival.

Hassen will be giving a lecture on creating an eco-friendly environment sometime soon, and I hope she announces the where and when here on the blog.

While sitting with Hassen at her table at the festival, Marc Stier came by to not only talk with Hassen about his interest in her GREEN business, but to mention he is running for City Council at Large. He's spearheading a new organization MUCH NEEDED RIGHT NOW called Philadelphia Campaign for Housing Justice. When I asked him what can be done about the luxury condominiums destroying Center City's RICH artistic community, he shook his head and his tone changed to one of regret, saying, "Center City is lost. Very much lost." His goal with the new campaign is to STOP landlords in South Philly, Northern Liberties, West Philly, etc., from STICKING-IT to lower income citizens. The gist of the program (which already has a lot of support in City Hall) is to MAKE land owners who rent to high income tenants provide 20 percent of their housing to lower income tenants, thus helping curb the classist segregation which is rapidly occurring in the greater Philadelphia region. It's an amazing plan! And I'm very excited about Marc Stier's commitment to this city's diverse communities. Here's his webpage: MARC STIER: City Council at Large.

And I HAVE TO SAY meeting Stier was exactly what I needed after watching the disheartening LIVE debate this morning on NBC's MEET THE PRESS between Pennsylvania's TWIN DEVILS Santorum & Casey. Debate? That wasn't much of a debate. Santorum gleefully accepts his position of eating Bush's shit, while Casey claims we not only should NOT leave Iraq, but that we need to send in MORE TROOPS! Does anyone have ANY idea who the FUCK to vote for in Pennsylvania this year? The Democrat, Casey, has a much more sinister plan, but of course I couldn't possibly vote for Santorum as he's an open fag basher who STILL SAYS (YES INDEED BECAUSE HE SAID IT AGAIN THIS MORNING!) THAT SADDAM HAD WMD's! HEHEHE! Okey-Dokey Ricky, WHATEVER YOU SAY!

To read the transcript of this HEINOUS "debate" click here for 2 ASSHOLES ON THE SAME STICK HELD OVER THE SAME FUCKING FLAME!


Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe 

Here is the link for the Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe fest happening all over the city until SEPT 16th.

The Philadelphia City Paper has an excellent overview of the fest in this week's issue.

--Tom Devaney

Saturday, September 02, 2006

everything Joe says is RIGHT ON! 

Joe Massey has reviewed Frank Sherlock's Spring Diet of Flowers at Night and I couldn't agree more.

"Frank approaches the political poem from the inside out. Nothing preachy about it."

OH, and, you MUST check out Massey talking to himself in the comment box, Pessoa-style, accusing himself of harassing himself! I LOVE Joe! HEHEHE, FUCK!


Re: & Speaking of... 

       "To lead people, walk behind them."
             --Lao Tzu

Frank, THANKS for posting that article, a real WAKE THE FUCK UP call! The level of greed in this city right now is almost pornographic!

Like so many cities this unbridled "progress" has happened to, the poor of course cannot integrate so much as disappear into the fringes. The rise in violence, theft, and such, is right out of Lao Tzu's writings: To end poverty and theft, stop acquiring riches.

AND Frank, to go with your last post about the architect of the 18th street condo being built burning it down before it's occupied, HERE HERE! SOUNDS GREAT!

To everyone and anyone, there's a poster on the Broad Street side of the Arts Bank at Broad & South with a photograph of people lined up in front of Bread & Roses on Arch Street for food, the caption reading, "A CITY OF LUXURY CONDOMINIUMS AND SOUP KITCHENS."

Minar Palace being SMASHED to bits the other day is yet another fatality of the war against the small and beautiful of Philadelphia.


re: Piccinini and the time machine archives 

HEHEHE! Frank, I LOVE these discussions! Which usually take place in person. You're right of course, it was a stretch, but I keep trying.

Trying because of course I SEE very clearly how I agree with much of / sometimes most of what you say. The blueprints, the vacant building, yes.

But how do I express how I feel a painting can bring about such a FORCE in another that it really is like your home? Let me try this.

You meet an artist at a party, and the two of you go back to your apartment for a drink, to listen to music, whatever. When you both walk into the apartment the artist sees a painting on your wall that they had painted, something you had bought at an art sale, or flea market, or gallery, or wherever you bought it, but you bought it without ever having met the artist until now. You like this painting very much, obviously, and it's on your wall, part of your life, in fact you think of it as part of your very home. While you are in the bathroom the artist burns the painting. It's gone, there's nothing you can do about it.

How do you feel? Does it bother you? Do you think the artist had a right to do this? Maybe they thought it would look better? Or maybe they were trying to help you see their art as temporary, or whatever?

Max Brod was INSTRUCTED by Kafka to burn his papers. It was written in the will, if I'm not mistaken. Brod refused. Simple as that, he refused. And I bow to Brod's decision. Bow deeply, as my own life and writing would be different if it weren't for Franz Kafka. Cid Corman said that Kafka was bad for my writing, but that's because Corman hated or mistrusted surrealism. I wrote back saying that surrealism is very difficult to pull off, and hinted that maybe Corman was jealous of the efforts. He wrote back to me that surrealism was childish, and that one day I would grow out of it. Hehehe. And my greatest gift from my mother was to NOT listen to our elders! (although I have great respect for Corman mind you) But anyway, Kafka's writing, as we all know, changed the history of the written word. The importance of his work and his philosophy, even his VIBE, and his sexy brow, all of it can be felt and seen and heard in many aspects of our culture and art today. Kafka gave a whole new direction to things. And if Brod had burned the papers like his good friend demanded as a last wish, the course of history would have been irreparably altered. Don't you think?

Living in this culture of INSTANT archival possibilities there's so much I'd like to go back into time to photograph. The time machine collection. It would be a great coffee table book, Benjamin Franklin wooing the ladies of Paris, and da Vinci declaring animal consumption as barbaric, or the earliest pharaohs snorting coke which would prove once and for all that Edgar Cayce was correct about the lost continent of Atlantis finding a way to survive.

A HUGE Tallulah Bankhead fan, I wish she had made more films instead of doing so much live theater. And no one knows the temporary nature of art like actors with no cameras around.

Yeah, TALLULAH, the great bitch of Broadway! I LOVE HER! Here's a couple a quotes for fun:

"My father warned me about men and booze but he never said anything about women and cocaine."

"Cocaine, habit forming? Of course not, I ought to know, I've been using it for years."

"It's the good girls who keep the diaries. The bad girls never have the time."

These quotes have nothing to do with our discussion, but I like them! (well, actually there's something to be said for the last of the three seeping into the discussion. in fact proof that Tallulah knew the speed of time)

In fact, OKAY, one more by Tallulah, "If I had my life to live again, I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner."

AH! If Tallulah and Elvis had MATED!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Rumsfeld blasted on "fascism" 

I am posting link to a forceful comment Keith Olbermann made on MSNBC last night responsing to Donald Rumsfeld's recent speech on fascism. I believe Olbermann's commentary echoes Edward R. Murrow at his best. Here is the link to Olbermann's piece


& Speaking of... 

progress in Boomtown, USA- read here.

- Frank Sherlock

re: Piccinini & the Smell of Smoke 


The preoccupation with the material brings us to this example. Comparison of the 18th Street buildings destroyed and the destruction of a painting shown to you in the privacy of the artist’s home is a stretch.

Building construction is an obvious, tangible collaboration. Giving the architect (and more likely a team of architects) the credit for construction or the yay or nay on preservation is an interesting window into your position, but a disputable one.

In this case, people living (literally) inside the artistic creation is one in which the output of the artist is not a fetish object separated from everyday life, but integrated & shaped by hundreds or thousands of participants in its continuing life- changed from day to day in small and sometimes large ways that are material and artistic. The fact is the destruction of 18th Street was motivated by unmitigated greed, bringing into this argument the economy of creation/destruction/creation, which may be a tributary to this argument, but certainly not the source.

My question to you is, what if the architect for the new condominium-to-be burned the blueprints, or in a more dramatic fashion, waited for the high-rise to be built and burned it to the ground while it was still vacant? Would you support that artistic act?

- Frank Sherlock

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