Tuesday, August 01, 2006

YELLOW or Artaud's Oatmeal (AKA, the Coward of Philadelphia) 

This is more than a complaint about the recent personal attacks against Jessica Smith on her blog's comment box. It's the anonymity of the attacker which infuriates and disgusts me the most.

Artaud's Oatmeal is the pseudonym used, which I firmly believe is the very same poet also using the Spicer Girl pseudonym on occasion. Maybe I want them to be the same, force them into one because I can't bear the thought of more than one cowardly poet in Philadelphia.

Spicer Girl openly admitted the home base, while Artaud's Oatmeal was tracked by Jessica's ISP to Philadelphia.

Courage is in short supply it seems some days, but is it wrong to expect MORE from poets?

What kind of world are you manifesting Artaud's Oatmeal? How is it possible you found the courage to create poems but lack the courage to stand behind your convictions?

And, furthermore, is the IRONY LOST ON YOU that you choose Artaud and Spicer, two very strong poets who hid for no one, for nothing? How dare you! You scum!

And what DRIVES you to hide behind these masks I wonder? Is it that you don't want to jeopardize some magical poetry "career" festering in your imagination?

Isn't it BETTER to be hated for what you believe than to be liked because no one really knows your beliefs?

You are pathetic! Artaud and Spicer would vomit in your direction for using their names as your weapon!

If you ever admit your true identity, I promise to make certain everyone knows who you were when you were busy pretending to be so tough.

By the way, are you moving out of Philadelphia soon--I HOPE!? Isn't it bad enough the carpet bagger real estate bastards have arrived to destroy our beautiful brownstones and community gardens for their luxury condominiums? Is it asking too fucking much for our poets to be honest here?

Completely fucking disgusted,

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