Friday, August 18, 2006



gotta check out Patricia Piccinini's fantastic, seriously relevant art. wish i'd more time to discuss more here but at least wanted to share with you all if you aren't already familiar with her work.

the text for her exhibition at the Robert Miller Gallery in NYC (2005), "Nature's Little Helpers," reads:
Some things, once done, are not easily undone. We might recognise later that we should not have done them in the first place, however undoing them is not so easy. Like an egg, which once broken cannot be unbroken, when something is created, it is difficult to contain. This stands as much for a work of art as it does for a genetically modified creature. Anyone who thinks that they can maintain control of the things that they create is fooling themselves. Whether it is genetically modified canola, the cane toad, a work on the secondary market or an image on the internet, once the thing leaves our hands all we can do is watch...

catch her in the Redefined exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in DC through January 2007.


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