Thursday, August 31, 2006

P E A C H is gone 

Okay, I'm just going to admit that I'm feeling depressed about this. It's painful. The graffiti of the word "PEACH" that was on the side of Minar Palace was rumored to be painted by the late Jean-Michel Basquiat. Frank Sherlock told me of this.

He and I spent some time looking through Basquiat's books to compare the lettering. It LOOKED EXACTLY like it. In fact the movie about his life had lettering EXACTLY like it.

Look, I already know how ironic this turns out to be, considering the conversation here about temporary art, etc. And it WAS graffiti, so that's expecting to be temporary, right?

Frank suggested I contact Bob Hollman about the wall. And I did, and I also emailed a few others, and of course, IRONY ON TOP OF IRONY, all the contacts got back to me today, mere hours after it all came smashing down.

And I didn't even fucking photograph it! How stupid!

Not only that, Minar Palace was THE BEST Indian food in Philadelphia, hands down. And they DIDN'T WANT TO GO, they were such good people! They were pretty upset about being forced out. The last time I was in Minar I asked the mother if they had found another location, and she shook her head, tears welling up in her eyes, and she said the city's too expensive, and that they've looked everywhere. This has been the income of her family for almost two decades. If I had lottery money!

Walking down Sansom Street, on my way to my POBox, and NOT at all expecting to see this beautiful PLACE I've spent so much time in with so many friends over the years, AND OF COURSE THIS GRAFFITI on the side, uh, what am I saying? It took the wind out of me. You know? I just STOPPED on the sidewalk, ALL COMMANDS the brain had given to the legs, arms, everything stopped with a FREEZE from the shock. Stopped and stared for a long while at the wreckage. Even went over to poke around, but I couldn't see anything of the wall with the graffiti.

For those who continue to call what's happening to Philadelphia "progress," have a shitty day, and when you do, know I wished it on you.

Depressed and PISSED OFF!

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