Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Foetry, etc. 

Hehehe! Frank, your sense of humor is much appreciated!

And dammit you're RIGHT! 69 is A-OKAY! Although I'm not sucking dick, or whatever, for a little publishing honey. HEHE!

We do have Jim Behrle to thank for not only uncovering Alan Cordle, but then exposing him, as only Behrle can do. And to be honest when the whole online war/discussion was going on a couple (or three?) years ago about Foetry I wasn't interested. Foetry's use of pseudonyms disgusted me then as much as it does now. Worms have more fucking integrity eating the shit of the world.

Chris, your shades of gray makes sense. Frank has dealt with as much at the old La Tazza. And to this day there are poets in Philadelphia who feel excluded for whatever reason. It's goofy, because it really is as straightforward as you put it that YES you like your friends' work, and publish it. What do people expect? That you're NOT supposed to make friends with the poets you publish? Or that you're NOT supposed to publish poets you're already friends with? Not only that but how on earth anyone can possibly feel Left Out these days is beyond me, with the millions of magazines and presses all over the place. Surely there's something for everyone? And, as you just proved Chris, you can also do a damn fine job publishing your own book. Not only that but WHO ON EARTH would ever publish poetry that they don't like? GEESH!

The one person in Philadelphia I know who went to great lengths to be as inclusive as possible with a reading series was Gil Ott. And he hated it. He admitted hating it. How horrible, especially when you're involving yourself with something like poetry, something you Love. But Gil felt obligated for various reasons, some practical, some even spiritual. Some of the practical being monetary. Even still it's not something I could do. Well, once in a while I had to introduce an author at Giovanni's Room who bugged me (especially the born again Christian gays), but I was getting paid.

Will thank you for pointing out the questions Foetry could not question or answer. In turn we might want to ask what writing has Foetry introduced and shaped? I bet its none. The foe in the Foetry is anything but delicate washables. But due to the hidden identities I prefer to call it Faux-Foetry. A hidden foe? What is this, Batman?! Pathetic nonsense is what it is. I'm sure Philadelphia's own super hero (sometimes) Spicer Girl, (sometimes) Artaud's Oatmeal, has been on Foetry raking ash off the hot coals. (WHY won't this person move to Brazil like all the other Nazis did?)

Tom, the reason I didn't get into the details about Foetry's mechanics is because it seemed like too old a subject to retrace, and also because you had links, so I just assumed....

Does Foetry actually have current postings? Ah, I don't really care, don't tell me.


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