Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2 fantastic things for every poet! 

Joe Massey's newest chapbook Property Line is now available from Fewer Further Press. I've never used PayPal before, but I tried it. Am I really that goofy about such things, but PayPal freaks me out! Oh well, I did it, can't undo it! It's only $7 this chapbook, just hope some crystal meth head doesn't somehow get my fucking credit card information from it. And of course if there are any crystal meth heads who read PhillySound they'll know where to look. GEESH!

But if you are among the first 20 to buy Property Line you will receive a limited edition double-sided broadside, signed. It's an edition of 40. GET IT NOW! Don't be scared of PayPal. Okay, be scared. I'm scared. But do it anyway, crystal meth be damned! Here's the link to order, and read a beautiful Joe Massey poem from the book, and some very impressive blurbs: PROPERTY LINE



This is from an e-mail just received from Stacy Szymaszek, and if you have some free time today DO listen, it's great!

Dear friends - have a listen to a reading of Stein's History or Messages From History and other Stein pieces by Jen Benka, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Carol Mirakove, Sina Queryas, Amy Lawless, Veronica Wong & me.

You'll find an mp3 here: http://archive.wbai.org/

Scroll down to "The Next Hour" on Sunday, Aug 20 at 11:00 a.m.

The stuff after the play is actually more fun to hear!

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