Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Kyle Conner & Steve Potter

Reading at Robin’s Bookstore for Moonstone Reading Series
(13 & Sansom)

An open reading will follow

Tuesday, July 25, 7PM

Wine & cheese

Come one come all!!

It's been too long --over a year-- since either Steve or I has read, and we're both very excited to air out some new work. Please join us for words, wine and cheese! And hopefully, we will have free broadsides for everyone.


........you are
to have
a drainpipe

the shit
from your life

no fool
nor flush

...... We work

- Kyle Conner


Mineral Box Set

regarding those transactions
between dogwoods or
the synonyms for your antonyms
or the stop-go of other buds in April

or the reaction of lithium with horniness,
or the redaction of two, or a late
return to frost, or a hand
cooling in a refrigerator

or the weld of hand to handle, or the fit
to hip, or the firing of a cupric gaze
greening the smaller rooms
within rooms, or the re-do

of the crown prince cutting paper flowers
to cover bits in magazines,
or the names accruing
a public history, or the speeches delivered

on riverside tracks at 3 a.m.,
or the dazzling bodies strikethru
struck out, or the tomes rehearsing
a more private letter.

- Steve Potter

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