Saturday, July 22, 2006

M a p p i n g Confessions 

How does one map a city's voice? How does one map its secrets?

you start with a few boxes and the spirit of collaboration.

look out for the boxes in YOUR neighbourhood.

1A - Moore College (20th & Ben Franklin Parkway)
1B - Whole Foods (2001 Pennsylvania Ave)
1C - Free Library of Philadelphia (1901 Vine)
2A - 3rd St. Gallery on 2nd St. (58 N. 2nd St)
2B - Empty Lot (3rd and Arch)
2C - Chinatown (1011 Cherry)
3A - Cafe (Rittenhouse Square - TBD)
3B - The Forum (22nd and Market - SE corner of the intersection)
3C - 339 Gallery (339 S 21st St. - Currently on the SW Corner of the intersection)
4A - Lovash Indian Restaurant (between 2nd and 3rd on South)
4B - Pine and Camac (1300 Block of Pine)
4C - Dock and Walnut (Next to the Ritz 5)



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