Friday, June 30, 2006

"what's going on" more like "what was going on" 

Hey hassen, thanks for posting that dream from the past. 2002 was the date of the "Green City Strategy" link, which sounds about right, meaning four years ago was before this feeding frenzy of real estate AND BIG BUCKS changing so many minds about green of money, green of cabbage.

Nicole McEwan told me that one community garden group in West Philadelphia saw what was going on in the way of developers snatching the land where gardens are, and they bought their land collectively, with some sort of statement in the sales agreement that the land cannot be developed for a hundred years.

And that's of course GREAT NEWS for that garden. Many others in the past few years (but especially RIGHT NOW) don't have that protection, and are going down. It's no joke about the bulldozers coming into the community garden of Carpenter and Grays Ferry, in fact they might be tearing things up at this very moment.

There is a rescue team trying to salvage the plants and trees at that garden. And when these people write about saving this garden's plants, they remark about what it was like saving others last summer. This is a very serious situation that has people who have enjoyed creating green space now creating salvage teams.

That documentary is great by the way, I've seen it. And it shows pretty regularly on PBS. Just hope it doesn't turn out to be a document to show the grandkids in years to come, "See, look at how people USED to create space together in the city." For some of the gardens already earmarked for the dozers, it's become a countdown at ground zero.

Every single time I'm watering and weeding in the plot I share with Cathleen Miller there are construction workers right across the street building yet another condominium, and it makes me sad to know that the cement trucks will be filling in that very spot I'm kneeling on by this time next year, making roots and leaves feel delicate in my hands like I've never felt such delicate, and threatened, life.


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