Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Simon Pettet & Chris McCreary Book Release Party 

Join us this Sunday May 7 at 4pm for a special book release party for Chris McCreary's Dismembers & Simon Pettet's More Winnowed Fragments. Books will be available at the reading. Where?

Robin's Books
108 S. 13th Street Philly
Sunday May 7 @ 4pm.

Chris McCreary
is the author of two books of poems, Dismembers and The Effacements, and is co-editor of ixnay press. He writes reviews for venues such as Rain Taxi, Review of Contemporary Literature, and New Review of Literature and is a card-carrying member of The Adjunct Nation.


"To a degree I haven’t heard since Duncan, McCreary lends his ear lucid sense." - Ron Silliman

"This is an amazing book!!!"- CAConrad

SIMON PETTET is an English-born poet, long-time resident of New York's Lower East Side. His new book (just out!) is called More Winnowed Fragments (Talisman Books). He'll be reading from it and signing copies. His Selected Poems is also still available from the same publisher. He is also the author of two classic collaborations with photographer-filmaker, Rudy Burckhardt, Conversations About Everything and Talking Pictures. "Like Beethoven's Bagatelles", John Ashbery wrote, "Simon Pettet's short poems have a great deal to say, and their seemingly modest dimensions help rather than hinder his saying it...."


Pettet has crafted a book of radical simplicity to meet an increasingly complex world.(Publishers Weekly)"a master of his craft,.

MORE WINNOWED FRAGMENTS, Pettet's first book in a decade, is among the most important books of poetry of our time. (SPD)

Pettet's winnowing fan leaves him and us with short poems that are all wheat, no chaff.(Jacket)
MORE WINNOWED FRAGMENTS shows in each of its 36 poems Simon Pettet's careful, caring forms of attention - to words, to fellow human beings, to all particulars. (Jacket)

"Ah, romance, the hint of mystery,/perfect quirky interludes" (Joanne Kyger)

"Magical, revivifying, masterful - how many adjectives can dance on the tip of a pin? Entrez, brothers and sisters, entrez!" (Anselm Hollo)

- FS

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