Thursday, May 04, 2006

Moles not Molar: Call for work 

Hi everyone--I am passing this on from Emily Abendroth.


This is an eager invitation for you to please:

Come play for us!!

On Saturday June 10th
at the beautiful Rotunda space in West Philly
where Moles Not Molar will be hosting:


An event for which we need YOUR EMISSIONS!!

Including theatrical exploits, narrative effluences, non-
narrative effulgences, one-creature effloresences, ensemble
euphonies, puppety epics, pixilated etudes, bodily
effusions, and poetic enthusiasms of all kinds!!!

Send an abstract, blueprint, description etc. (keep your
props and stilts to yourself for the time being), preferably
as an attachment, to us at molesnotmolar@excite.com

And send them by MAY 20th!

Running time for individual pieces should be fifteen minutes
or less.
They can, of course, be excerpts from longer works.

We will be selecting a diversity of approaches from amongst
the received entries to present that evening.

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