Monday, April 10, 2006

Many thanks to Larry Robin's of ROBIN'S BOOKSTORE for setting up the book party for Deviant Propulsion and DOWN SPOOKY! It was fun, in fact it was so fun that I didn't even mind when the angry woman screamed at me, and demanded the publisher's phone number to tell them what a filthy pig I am! Hehe! Then she slapped me, threw my book at me! What is it Eileen Myles says about homophobes? "It's good to be hated!" Yeah, it's funny too sometimes.

But it felt so nice sharing that day with so many amazing friends!

Thanks to everyone who came! And thanks to Shanna Compton for reading with me! Thanks to Frank Sherlock for that INCREDIBLE introduction! Yeah, it was like family Frank, that's exactly what it felt like, just like you said, and in the very best possible way too.


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