Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Deviant Sunday 

Conrad & Compton's reading/booksigning last Sunday was such a pleasure. & I can't believe the turn-out - seems like half of Philly showed up. the line for the booksigning was so long that by the time I got to the table Shanna's books were sold out & Conrad had only three left! Larry Robins sounded sincerely appreciative that Conrad chose to have the event there, which was nice to hear.

My favorite piece Shanna read was something called Mouth Made Out of Trees, apparently a title suggested, if not enforced, by poet/friend Schafer Hall. A snip:

    Your mouth is its own environment a canyon
    with trees and snow a felt mouth unembroidered
    coal a paintbrush of dark wood the instrument
    of the mouth wind blown through the mouth of trees.

Conrad's reading left us wanting more as usual. I often note during his readings how eager folks are to absolutely crack up & understandably so because he's certainly honed line & delivery. Though I'm not certain many of his poems are intentionally or exclusively funny. Especially Dear Mr. President There Was Egg Shell...poem (Google it!). But it's one of the many things I really dig about this poet - relevant, opulent tragicomedy. Exhibit:

    It's True I Tell Ya
    My Father is a 50 Cent
    Party Balloon

    my father paper thin again
    lost on the basement floor

    but who will put their lips
    to his stiff old hard-on?
    who will blow him up?
    who will want this
    man floating
    stuck in
    a tree again?

Thanks for the incredible, indelible afternoon.

PS - thanks, too, for the wine and chocolate donuts with jimmies, Conrad!

PPS - re previous post "4 springing UP!," Heather's last name won't be Hassen but Saker. for future (& public) reference...

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