Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Allen Bramhall's Simple Theory 

Allen Bramhall just sent me his book, Simple Theory, published by Potes & Poets Press in 2002. I think you can still get it from SPD Books. It's a gem. I couldn't wait to get on here to share. The style's peculiar with both fresh, literary wit & serenity, for my laziness to further expound.

The title poem has a couple of my favorite lines of late. It's probably obvious which ones &/so I won't point...

    Simple Theory

    the wheatfield looks lovely
    because people say so. that must
    be a
    poem or perhaps just a
    title for the familiarity
    that words breed. there is no
    wheatfield so lovely
    as the time it took
    to say so. or really, what
    day could grow greater
    than the morning greeting? the
    wheatfield springs from a
    logic, words on
    one's lips. if one is not
    ecstatic then
    one has traveled wrong. the
    wheatfield fills the eye, space
    brings a determined
    marking to our careers. there are
    poems placed in every
    conversation, they are
    why we stay up late.

And a kickass lettre (titled Lettered) from Tarzan to Jane. One line reads "now that I'm downcast and under the impression, you will have to play fiercely along." It's signed "true to you and colonies of yes,//your love, T" !! Makes me gleeful.

I've not read the entire book yet. As much as I'd like to. I reserve newer books of poetry for the nightstand, read before sleep. Perhaps fortunately, I can only absorb a few at a time before my lids conclude...
these are fine, if not best, lullaby poems for adults, in any event.


PS AND LET ME INSIST - check out his stunning work up at The Mag.

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