Saturday, March 25, 2006

tiny bit more (PLEASE!) on "the tiny" 

Besides creating the incredible COVER art for this issue, poet David Shapiro opens the issue with a poem that makes me so happy to read it. I find myself thinking about it, and needing to read it again, to get to the experience of it again.

Editors Gina Myers and Gabriella Torres take great care in the arrangement of the poems, like, if you could see the poems as objects, this would be an intricate, careful, and frankly seamless collage. Yeah, it's SO NICE to find a magazine where I'm really liking everything: the poems, the poem to poem, the after taste. And, as I said, coming back to that marvelous Shapiro piece.
p.s. I've GOT TO reprint that poem for you now:

David Shapiro
Hapax Legomena

I covered you and cover you
I covet you and uncover you
My dream intent to discover you seems clear

as a snowflake dresses you and undresses you
an orange hand on your breast unless it's you
a purple simple hand on your hand is less than

you covered and recovered you
Drinking water--
Sampling station--

A Polaroid at night of trees on fire:
words written only once--
words used only once--

your naked face the origin of the world--

You spit into the ocean
and make it sweet for me

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