Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Subaru Plantation State 

While the larger of the stars on their corporate logo may in some way unite the smaller five, those who involve themselves with the Pleiades (which really is SUBARU in Japanese, which many people don't believe) the Seventh Sister is here, on Earth.

Layout of the logo aside, every time SUBARU is mentioned, it carries the weight of any word or name used over and over. SUBARU may be used in car sales language to gain power, money, etc., but by tapping into that, the channeler can do what they want with that collective force. For the car company, maybe the Seventh Sister is the car, meaning EACH CAR is the Seventh Sister in action, in motion. Or maybe the Seventh Sister is Subaru headquarters?

It's much like witnessing Temple University's New Frontier Sciences some years ago. I went with poet Alexandra Grilikhes to hear a talk by a scientist who had been working with born-again Christians, having them pray over petrii dishes filled with various kinds of pathogens. In every instance they would destroy the organisms with prayer as they circled the dish with their concentrated Jesus force.

Elvis is used like this by those who want a cleaner source for use. There is a group in Kenya called The Magic Elvis Club, and they use Elvis energy to heal the sick and muster love. Elvis is on the rise, and I'm not saying this because I have a book coming out which claims this, it's a simple fact. The name Elvis gets used every single day on Earth to charge crystals for healing, to charge earrings for "glamoring techniques" and celebration. Not once have I ever heard of Elvis being used in a negative way. Maybe that is due to the fact that Elvis has not as yet been viewed by the larger forces at work as having the potential for this.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't listen to at least one Elvis song. And sitting in that moment is getting into the flow with all the others out there.

At that pagan gathering in Virginia I had mentioned in a previous post, Freya Aswyn and I were in her trailer to discuss the runes, and she KNEW about my Elvis book through her runic divinations of me. Freya is a psychic Rune Master, and I don't doubt a single thing about her. She made it clear that it's important Elvis be kept clean, and for healing. We have that responsibility, she says. How to do that I'm not sure. It's doubtful even Freya knows.

Back to the Pleiades (Subaru) channelers though. It would turn this post into an X-Files episode if I told you the details of what happened to my friend Elizabeth when she became involved with the Pleiades channelers. But let me just say this, that they are very real, and scare me, and are always looking for those with psychic abilities to join them. WHAT exactly it is they do, or want, I'm not certain. A good friend of mine who also knows about these people says that they're working with what many of the anti-UFO community believe to be a mass enslavement of Earth.

Sometimes I wish I didn't feel like such a freak when I discuss these things. The giggles can only be used to turn it around in a positive way. But still, years and years of disinformation keep us confused, but here's to hoping that it doesn't keep us from questioning.

Time to listen to "Don't Be Cruel,"
more later,

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