Sunday, March 12, 2006

A poem by James Schuyler "Cornflowers" 

This morning I was randomly reading a number of things and picked up a book by James Schuyler, his book "A Few Days." The poems are lovely, but I mention it mostly because of the big to-do going on here, over the past two weeks, with the massive Philadelphia Flower Show. Reading Schuyler today I couldn't help but notice how many of his poems referred to flowers in the freshest of ways. Here is one:


After the stormy night:
the crack of lightning and
the thunder peals (one bolt
fell in my street!)
the cornflowers (or are they
bachelor's buttons?) stand,
ragged scraps of sky, in
a shrimp-cocktail glass on
thin green stems with thin
green leaves, so blue, so blue
azure as sky-blue eyes
the cornflowers (I wish
I were wading through a
field where they bloom)
tattered tales of my life.

--Tom Devaney

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