Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hehehe! The Sacred SUBARU! 

That's so funny you put that SUBARU symbol there Will! There was this pagan gathering I went to once in Virginia, and a woman who channels the Pleiades (there's actually a mass of people who channel the Pleiades in the states, and many of them die of horrible brain tumors, this is all true) was giving a workshop. My dear friend Elizabeth Kirwin went to the workshop while I was attending Freya Asswyn's Nordic Rune workshops. Anyway, I would see this Pleiades channeler at night by the big fires, with the drummers, and she actually wore around her neck a SUBARU car symbol. And, she drove one, of course. She was very interesting, and fun to talk with. Whether or not she actually channels the Pleiades I'm not sure, but she does I'm sad to report suffer from the frequent splitting headaches many of the Pleiades channelers of America suffer from. Hope she's well.


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