Friday, February 24, 2006

aging BABY BOOMERS can make aging SEXY, Notley, Hejinian, Silliman, AN APPEAL FOR NEW PASSION! 

(in case you've been under a rock, this is a photo of the incredibly SEXY Alice Notley!)

This is something I've been thinking about ever since I saw Lyn Hejinian read at Villanova a few years ago. Ron Silliman and his wife were sitting in front of me, holding hands. That was nice, but then she would stroke the back of his head, and he would give her a quick kiss. It was SO beautiful, as public affection is always beautiful.

It's that generation of Free Thinking Open Fucking Love In that shifted and reshaped the framework of Values that --in my opinion-- has a new challenge before them!

While they were successful at bringing the world to the party when they were young and fun, can they do that again as old and fun? The MARKETPLACE seemed (continues to seem) more than pleased with their early shot of Rock 'N Roll, creating webs of industry out of that energy. Do I want to talk about The MARKETPLACE? Truth is I DON'T, except that it's there where success is most transparent.

LET ME MAKE MYSELF CLEAR that I do NOT mean Cher when I'm saying old and fun. Meaning OLD AND HOT, OLD AND SEXY! Cher and her many aging BOTX, face lift, hair dye, wig culture is exactly what I'm NOT AT ALL INTERESTED IN GIVING PROPS TO!

NO! I'm meaning, AGING, visibly graying and wrinkling as HOT! To me it seems like something that HAS TO BE OWNED FIRST! As some DO I believe!

Getting the world to look to another, very different place when we think of LOVE and SEX and FUN and EXCITING PASSION is what I'm hoping.

Seems like a GREAT thing! And as far as poets in their 50s or older, I can think of A BUNCH OF them who can help PULL THIS OFF! Change US!


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