Friday, January 27, 2006

No Such Poem for John Coletti 

Here is a poem I wrote after reading a soild new book of poems by John Coletti called "Physical Kind." The book is published by Portable Press at Yo Yo Labs, edited by Brenda Iijima and Erica Kaufman.


No Such Poem for John Coletti

John, hug "like a quilt truck."
On the roof "Cooing a page
        in the twilight."
You send me to Joe Ceravolo,
John Godfrey, Clark Coolidge, Jack Collom:
Middle weights of old--heavies all.
Names, names, names. How can I
describe their one-syllable dash.
A long history of no apology
        and no story.
I know if you knew, you'd take us--
I know that. As you do, and do.
You don't say, "You don't say."
Nor I don't want to live like a story.
A translucent brown floor-dust
is there for you to see, sweep,
blow away, note by slow dusty note.
No shit, yes; "someone stole."
JC enters the ring: it's war, it's peace--
        Leo T. to a T.
Ted and Ted G. are in the corner,
        your cut men.
Curly hair Coletti, measured eyes, measured
        lips--and the measure of a moan.
All the silent bruises I have ever loved,
the "emotional surface" scratched and gone too.
No one asking if it's a flood.

-Tom Devaney

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