Friday, January 27, 2006

new poem by Brett Evans 

Nothing like opening the mail from New Orleans and reading one of (often many of) the latest from Brett Evans at the typewriter. This new one is fantastic! You RIDE it reading it!

Freedom Music
by Brett Evans

It's pretty warm if the wind is broken
Sometimes folks just put
   their hands to mouths without
   smoking but this man here
      is rebuilding and smoking

More tattoos float more facial hair
goatee'ing buildings everywhere

      Just leave me

          to my chocolate uni- verse
           to my blue empyrean
                of shiny coins

Freedom is a hot air balloon
      with ballast and rifles

Freedom is a come-back bitch

Freedom is the reverse of France
      caking my table

Freedom music is the blues

          you've got to lose
          but still smell
                    gamey with

            to make the correct

              next draft pick
              with shoes

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