Thursday, January 19, 2006

MALAWAH a delicious, inexpensive addiction 

A new FANTASTIC (and very inexpensive) Israeli restaurant in Philadelphia

1740 Sansom Street
(215 569 8999)

The menu is unlike any other Israeli spot in town, but I have to tell you to get there THIS WEEK if you can to order Malawah. This is a special Israeli dough they take weeks to prepare, and then they fry it in front of you, stuff it with delicious marinated egg, tomato, and spices. Trust me, it's nothing like you have ever tried, food to change your life! This is not on the menu, something they will only have for a few more days until next year, so GET THERE THIS WEEK, or the beginning of next week. Call and ask if they still have it on the menu. If not, go anyway, it's the best falafel in Philadelphia, complete with one of the best salad bars of pickled baby eggplant, marinated cauliflower, cabbages, carrots.

What a nice bunch of people working in there as well, in fact you can't find nicer people! They've arrived in Philly recently from Israel, and have built this vegetarian restaurant a couple blocks off of Rittenhouse Square, part of the large vegetarian Philadelphia family now, as far as I'm concerned. The home of the cheese steak has some of the best vegetarian cuisine you can find.

BUT, oh, try to get there for the Malawah, I'm telling you! It's food to meditate on, with, over! Food to FEEL becoming your body, beautifully becoming your delicious body! Oooo, it's such a good thing, feeling all that coming to be while getting with your Malawah. Okay, it's true, and if you don't get there, well whatever, I'm trying to tell you, DON'T COME CRYING TO ME!


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