Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jim Behrle's Farewell Address 

Here's the text of L(adies) L(ove) Cool Jim's New Year's performance at The Project.

posted by Frank Sherlock



"we're about to get taken to a dreamworld of magic"

Wet with sweat from the busom of the savior

I am standing in your blood

Slowslick terrible expanse of mud

The ghost angel horse sets the orchard

Aflame, hot prose hisses "Harvard"

Disappointing fruit pollute the ground

Drunk single mother on the rebound

Today is not 9/11 / we watch pirates screw

Your eyes and your hair are excellent

Equidistant in the glancing light

The larger mammals of the world unite

In the cloying hooks of the poem

Say "Orpheus" again and I'll puke

To start new war please shoot duke

Pac-man eats tourists

Jesus gave me the light / I'm gonna let it shine

Straight into your soul's vagina

Soon the love balloon will drop

I wanna sleep with a riot cop

Sonic Nurse / Scarlett Johansson / better tie me down

After we broke the curse they rode me out of town

Last night's fuzzy

But I think I hit Frank O'Hara with a dune buggy

"Made me dream a dream I didn't understand"

I smell rather condomly and no one is carrying my seed

All ye glittering dirty bombs of Grand Central

Patrol the grand hotels / dancing girls

Urge forward the thrusts, fingerprints across altar girls

I lie bleeding with you in the open trunk

But let's save a little for the comeback


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