Monday, January 09, 2006

in search of courage in DC 

On the morning of January 8th Tim Russert hosted an interview/debate with Kate Michelman and Kate O'Beirne, a program he was calling The Battle of the Kates.

Kate Michelman is the former president of NARAL, and the author of With Liberty and Justice for All. Kate O'Beirne is the Washington editor of The National Review, and the author of Women Who Make the World Worse.

To be honest O'Beirne said nothing new, nothing not already said over and over and over again by Bush, by Jerry Falwell, etc.

Kate Michelman however said some pretty fantastic things, one thing in particular that I really wish Howard Dean, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton (all of whom are turning coat very quickly on gay rights and Roe v. Wade) could hear. She's a brilliant woman, who calls for nothing less than for the Democrats to find the courage to stand their ground. Here's a small excerpt of what I'm referring to:

Tim Russert: ...Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic Party said this recently: "I think we need to talk about abortion differently. ... Republicans have forced us into a corner to defend abortion." Then he went on to say: "If I could strike the words 'choice' and 'abortion' out of the lexicon of our party, I would."

Kate Michelman: ...I'm reminded of the '92 election when President Clinton was elected. The House and the Senate were under control of Democrats. The political pundits were writing the obituary of the right wing and the conservative movement, and you didn't see the conservatives sort of back away from their values or their principles. They didn't give up and start publicly talking about changing their language.... What they did is they stayed focused on their values and that's what we need to do.


This is exactly what needs to happen! People with real courage, I mean, WHAT THE HELL does Howard Dean believe in anymore anyway!? At least George W. Bush isn't interested in going against his beliefs: he hates gays, always has, hasn't changed his mind, doesn't intend to, he's angry about abortion, wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, makes no bones about.

Oh please, I can't believe I'm going to say this, but, I have more respect for Bush! Not that I can ever agree with him, but he acts the way I want the Democrats to act. I really want, so badly want someone with the certitude Bush has to say AND REALLY MEAN IT WHEN SHE OR HE SAYS IT, that they believe in queers and women and will not back down from defending our civil liberties. This person does not exist, as far as I can see.

We have nothing but cowards on our side. SHIT! Kate Michelman is saying something very smart and simple about NOT whimpering NOT turning away NOT giving in AND DAMMIT STAYING TO FIGHT THIS BATTLE OUT! Fuck the right wing! Fuck the born agains! How is giving into bigotry ever going to change anything for the better?

Later on the night of the 8th I went to a demonstration outside Exodus Church in Philadelphia where Jerry Falwell and Rick Santorum were speaking on behalf of the Alito nomination. When I saw Falwell walk into that church with Santorum it made me so angry just to SEE THEM! The HATE that they spread can be felt! How on earth can any Democrat give into these monsters? At one point we could hear the minister giving his speech inside the church. He is a black man, and he was speaking out against gay marriage, abortion, etc., and there were some members of his congregation out on the sidewalk yelling and praying at us. I said to one couple, "How would you feel if that were being said about civil rights for African Americans? How would you feel if you heard a pastor of a church speaking out from the pulpit in favor of segregation?" I'm not sure if the couple even heard me, but a few white Quakers who were near me were upset with me, saying that I "shouldn't say that!" But why not? I'm only trying to create some common ground, isn't that okay? Are my rights as a gay man any less important than their rights?

It's so tired hanging with some of these people on "the Left" sometimes. Everyone's so fucking careful, and for what reason? I mean, the Right says whatever the fuck they want! It's such fucking bullshit, telling people how to conduct themselves when you've got Jerry Fucking Falwell and Rick Santorum giving speeches about the evils of queers and women a few feet away! With scum like that in the house ALL GLOVES SHOULD COME OFF!

Let the protection and belief in Love get scary on their fascist asses!

And by the fucking way, our rights are NOT bargaining chips! PERIOD! It's time to tell Howard Dean and friends to find their strength or to get the hell out of the way for someone better, someone with some real courage!

Quite seriously,

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