Tuesday, January 03, 2006

death by dune buggy PLEASES in the strangest ways 

Without a doubt the most memorable line of the Poetry Project marathon came from noneother than Mr. Jim Behrle, which was, "Last night was a little fuzzy, but I think I hit Frank O'Hara with a dune buggy."

Jesus fucking Frank O'Hara for crying out loud! Every single person in the room made some sort of noise. Eileen Myles who was sitting in front of me turned around and said emphatically, "Now THAT'S a new low!" She said it with a devilish smile though, and gave Behrle a GOOD slap on the back after, like he had just jumped off a bull. Well, jumped off a bull while wearing a white running, track, workout kind of suit, whatever those things are.

It's been a long while since I've felt like fucked hamburger after hearing a poem!

My other favorite line from that poem was, "I miss your body, I want your chapbook." I wish I had the whole poem here for you, it was so fucking weird, and sexy, and, well, you read the dune buggy line so you get the idea right? How sexy is it to kill O'Hara!? It's like killing Buddha on the road, or whatever the hell they tell you in Zen Master Class.

What a great day though! SO MUCH amazing poetry to hear! Brenda Iijima gave us a cool, queer short dance before she read, saying, "Don't forget the body." That was great!

Sparrow and his band, GEEZE, I love them so much! They really are like a bunch of lunatics who've just escaped! I wish I had an MP3 file of their songs for you, you'd LOVE them! It would be ridiculous for me to go through everything saw, heard, just too much. Hundreds and hundreds! How lucky are we to have that place so close to us!?

Anoyone who claims to love poetry and doesn't get that Love, well, sad for them dammit!


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