Monday, January 23, 2006

Alliterative Post: Castillo, Kollwitz, Curitiba, Carson, Cats...& Goats 

hi friends. want to make separate, more detailed posts but i'm afraid i'm stuffing them into one brief - at least to inform on the latest stuff exciting me:

just got back from DC where i saw an exhibition by Monica Castillo. at the National Museum of Women in the Arts (last day today, maybe?). fun work!
also Kathe Kollwitz' work was stunning. nobody like her & certainly is worth seeing anything original - prints, catalogs etc. don't even approach the depth of experience.

last week we attended the first Sustainability Forum at the Academy of Natural Sciences "Life and Breath in the Big City:Philadelphia's Air in the 21st Century." it was really exciting to see so many people interested in making Philadelphia green! next event is Feb 6th - here's the info as found on the Academy event site:

Special Evening with Jaime Lerner
Monday , Feb. 6
Lerner is the former mayor of Curitiba, dubbed “the world’s most sustainable city.” He also was governor of the Brazilian state of Paraná and renowned as an architect and urban planner who has implemented enlightened social, ecological and urban reforms.
6 PM

if i recall correctly, someone stated that in Curitiba, a city with 1.5 million people, 1.3 million people ride the transit system. holy! read more about Curitiba .

find more local info at Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia. hopefully soon you'll see heather's & my new business, Organic Home, listed as a member.

on the less sensitive side, one of the best laughs i've had recently was when heather shared with me the site at StuffOnMyCat.com but you gotta see more than the first page. also check out my panic reps, maybe anyone's -- FAINTING GOATS.

looking forward to see/hear Anne Carson tonight, 8pm, at the Poetry Project.

hope all's well with you all.


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